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Our People

Lab Director <Top>

Dr. Indrajeet Chaubey

Personal Website


Current Graduate Students <Top>

Amanda Brock, M.S. Student

Qingyu Feng, Ph.D. Student

Ping Li, Visiting PhD Student

Nina Omani, Post-Doctoral Reseracher

Garett Pignotti, Ph.D. Student

Cibin Raj, Post-Doctoral Reseracher

Hendrik Rathjens, Post-Doctoral Reseracher

Femeena Pandara Valappil


Past Graduate Students, Post-Docs, & Visiting Scolars <Top>
  1. Amanda Montgomery, M.S. Student, 2015
  2. Nithya Krishnan, Visiting Master Student, 2015
  3. Rebecca Logsdon, Ph.D. 2014
  4. Erin Chichlowski, M.S. Student
  5. Young Gu Her, Post-Doctoral Student, 2014
  6. Margaret McCahon Kalcic, Targeting meets adaptive management: engaging stakeholders to improve watershed modeling of agricultural conservation practices, Ph.D. 2012
  7. Suresh Sharma, Post-Doctoral Student, 2013
  8. Laurent Ahiablame, Developing a modeling framework for evaluation of low impact development practices, Ph.D. 2012, Post-Doc 2013
  9. Elizabeth Trybula, Quantifying ecohydrologic impacts of perennial rhizomatours grasses on tile discharge, a plot level comparison of continuous corn, upland switchgrass, mixed prairie, and mischanthus x ginganteus. M.S. 2012
  10. Acushla Antony, Web-Based Decision Support Tool to Forecast Nutrient Losses from Agricultural Watersheds. Ph.D. 2012
  11. Mark Thomas, Environmental implications of feedstock production practices for bioenergy. Ph.D. 2011
  12. Lindsay Birt, Development of environmental performance indicators of watershed managment. Ph.D. 2011
  13. Chetan Maringanti, A sustainable agricultural ecosystem management model considering the effect of climate and land use change. Ph.D. 2010.
  14. LiChi Chiang, Effectiveness and optimization of BMP's in improving water quality from an agriculturally dominated watershed. Ph.D. 2010.
  15. Shashank Singh, M.S. Student. 2009.
  16. Claire Simond, Ing. env. dipl. EPFL, Visiting scientist from Switzerland. 2009.
  17. Katie Merriman. Quantification of nutrient dynamics in agricultural drainage ditches. M.S. 2008.
  18. Margaret Gitau. Watershed modeling and BMP assessment. PostDoc. 2008.
  19. Dr. K.P. Sudheer. Visiting faculty from Indian Institute of Technology – Madras, India. 2005, 2007 and 2008.
  20. Nitin Singh. Effect of diffuse light on remote sensing of water quality constituents.  M.S. 2007.
  21. Brian Schaffer.  Integrated assessment of water quality/water quantity issue in the L’Anguille River watershed.  M.S. 2007.
  22. Richa Srivastava.  Identification of sediment sources in agricultural watersheds. M.S. 2006.
  23. Mansour Leh. Differentiating runoff contributing areas in an Ozark watershed.  M.S. 2006.
  24. Vijay Garg.  Development of a physically-based Monte Carlo model for lake water quality assessment. Ph.D. 2006.
  25. Eylem Mutlu.  Neural Network and Statistical Modeling for DSS Development. Ph.D. 2006.
  26. Paul DeLaune. Eucha Spavinaw P Index research. Post Doc. 2006.
  27. Driss Ennannay. CEAP assessment in agricultural watersheds. Post Doc. 2006.
  28. Sudhanshu Panda. Decision Support System development for the Beaver Lake watershed. Post Doc. 2005.
  29. Bekele Debele. CEAP assessment in agricultural watersheds. Post Doc. 2005.
  30. Sumit Sen. Quantification of internal phosphorus loading in the Beaver Lake, Northwest Arkansas.  M.S. 2004.
  31. Kati White.  Integrating watershed, stream, and lake water quality models for water quality management.  Ph.D. 2004.
  32. Debabrata Sahoo.  Assessment of nutrient transport and dynamics in agricultural dominated streams.  M.S. 2003.
  33. Amy Cotter.  Analysis of input data resolution for TMDL development.  M.S. 2002.
Student Accomplishments <Top>

Fellowships and Scholarships

  1. National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship
    • Rebecca Logsdon. 2009
  2. USDA National Needs Fellowship
    • Laurent Ahiablame. 2009
  3. Ivanhoe Foundation Scholarship.  This scholarship is given to only one international graduate student on any university campus.
    • Laurent Ahiablame was the first student from Purdue to get this fellowship in 2008
  4. Purdue Doctoral Fellowship
    • Margaret McCahon. 2008

Awards in student paper/poster competitions

  1. Margaret Kalcic - First Place in the Ecological Sciences & Engineering Symposium Poster Competition, 2012.

Travel Grants & Other Awards

  1. Qingyu Feng--Frederick N. Andrews Environmental Travel Grant ($1,500), 2015
  2. Rebecca Logsdon--Purdue Graduate Student Government Travel Grant ($900), 2012
  3. Rebecca Logsdon--Emily M. Wadsworth Graduate Mentoring Award, Purdue Women in Engineering ($1,000), 2012
  4. Rebecca Logsdon--The American Society of Agricultural & Biological Engineers (ASABE) Robert E. Stewart Engineering Humanities Award, 2011.
  5. Rebecca Logsdon--Frederick N. Andrews Environmental Travel Grant ($1,500), 2010.
  6. Cibin Raj--Frederick N. Andrews Environmental Travel Grant ($1,500) 2010.
  7. Laurent Ahiablame--NSF East Asia Pacific Studies Institute Summer Program Grant, 2010.


Contact: ichaubey@purdue.edu
Phone: 765-494-5013
Fax: 765-496-1115

Department of Agricultural and Biological Engineering
225 South University St., Purdue University
West Lafayette, IN 47907