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ABE 591/EAS 591: Future of Water Resources
This three-credit course is designed as an advanced course concerning water management, water supply and water quality issues in conjunction with economic and political driving forces. This is a new course of its kind developed and taught jointly by Drs. Chaubey and Barbara Cooper (EAS) at Purdue University.  It was offered for first time in Fall 07.  The topics covered include the hydrologic cycle and its individual components (e.g. precipitation, infiltration, runoff, evapotranspiration), stream flow, groundwater flow, water quality, water law, impact of human activities on water availability and water quality including use of mathematical modeling to quantify these impacts, case studies of water conflicts around the world and discussion related to how some of these complex problems could be addressed.

ABE 522: Ecohydrology
Ecohydrology links hydrological and ecological processes at various spatiotemporal scales. Dr. Chaubey has led the development of this new 3-credit hour course titled Ecohydrology, which was offered to senior level undergraduate and first year graduate students in Environmental and Ecological Engineering.  Movement and storage of water are integral parts of landscape and ecosystem functioning. Hydrological processes in individual ecosystems and the role of water in linking the myriad components of the landscape are explored in this class.

ABE 529: Nonpoint Source Pollution Engineering
In this three-credit course Dr. Chaubey teaches engineering principles involved in assessment and management of nonpoint source (NPS) pollution and the effect of NPS pollution on ecosystem integrity. Students will learn how to use GIS/mathematical models to quantify extent of pollution and to design and implement best management practices to improve water quality. The class will also involve a thorough discussion of Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) principles and processes.


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