At the DCSL semester-end get-together on May 2, 2014. This was after dinner at the Ford Dining Court. From L to R: Zaiwei, Nawanol, Raghav, Saurabh, Nathan (peeking at the back), Somali (Saurabh's wife), Fahad, Matt, Subrata, Tsungtai, Kanak, Shayok (Saurabh's son, in front of Kanak), Paul, Gina (Chris' wife), Chris, Amit, Sambit. [Photo by Amiya]





Name: Saurabh Bagchi
E-Mail: sbagchi AT purdue DOT edu


Affiliated Faculty


Vijay Raghunathan: Reliable embedded wireless networks

Rudi Eigenmann: Reliable shared grid environments

Milind Kulkarni: Reliable parallel applications

Eugene Spafford: Intrusion tolerance for enterprise distributed systems

Chih-Chun Wang: Coding for security in wireless

Alan Qi: Machine learning for security

External Collaborators



Bronis Supinski, Martin Schulz, Greg Bronevetsky, Todd Gamblin, Kathryn Mohror: Lawrence Livermore National Lab: LLNL

Jan Rellermeyer, Mike Kistler: IBM Research Austin

Timothy Tsai: NVIDIA

Donald Steiner, Jonathan Fulkerson: Northrop Grumman
Russell Mackler: Lockheed Martin
Mostafa Ammar: Georgia Tech

Rajesh Panta, Kaustubh Joshi: AT&T Labs




Graduate Students



Name: Matthew Tan Creti
Research Project: Intelligent Ad-Hoc Wireless Networks
E-Mail: mtancret AT purdue DOT edu
Webpage   Profile



Name: Amiya Maji
Research Project: Performance prediction for cloud applications
E-Mail: amaji AT purdue DOT edu



Name: Nawanol Theera-Ampornpunt
Research Project: Proactive performance management in cellular networks
E-Mail: ntheeraa AT purdue DOT edu

Webpage   Profile



Name:Paul Wood
Research Project: Economics-based security in inter-dependent cyber physical systems
E-Mail: pwood AT purdue DOT edu




Name: Christopher Gutierrez
Research Project: Cybersecurity
E-mail: gutier20 AT purdue DOT edu



Name: Subrata Mitra
Research Project: Root cause determination for performance anomalies in distributed applications
E-mail: mitra4 AT purdue DOT edu
Webpage   Profile



Name: Tsungtai Yeh (co-advised with Rudi Eigenmann)
Research Project: Dependability of large-scale applications in scientific clusters
E-mail: yeh14 AT purdue DOT edu



Name: Kanak Mahadik (co-advised with Milind Kulkarni)
Research Project: Scalable execution of computational genomics applications
E-mail: kmahadik AT purdue DOT edu
Webpage Profile



Name: Jeff Avery (co-advised with Gene Spafford)
Research Project: Mitigating unknown phishing attacks

E-mail: avery0 AT purdue DOT edu



Name: Sambit Mishra
Research Project: Dependable cellular networks

E-mail: sambitmishra AT purdue DOT edu



Name: Nathan Burow
Research Project: Security in the smart electric grid

E-mail: nburow AT purdue DOT edu



Name: Suhas Javagal
Research Project: Failure Analysis of large computing clusters

E-mail: sjavagal AT purdue DOT edu



Name: Lakshman Pasala
Research Project: Network security inference based on imperfect IDS information

E-mail: vpasala AT purdue DOT edu



Name: Ravi Gupta
Research Project: Performance Debugging in Heterogenous Computing

E-mail: gupta237 AT purdue DOT edu



Undergraduate Students



Name: Raghav Shankar
Research Project: Mobile Systems Management
E-mail: rshankar AT purdue DOT edu



Name: Zaiwei Zhang
Research Project: Symbolic execution to debug scaling-related problems in distributed applications
E-mail: zhang936 AT purdue DOT edu



Name: Sidharth Mudgal
Research Project: Debugging distributed applications through mining system metrics
E-mail: smudgals AT purdue DOT edu



Name: Jason Rahman
Research Project: Multi-application performance prediction
E-mail: rahmanj AT purdue DOT edu



Name: Michael Glapa
Research Project: Performance debugging in heterogeneous computing
E-mail: mglapa AT purdue DOT edu





DCSL Award Winners

Year Group Champ Best Fresher
Fall 2014 Kanak

"For bringing the discipline of dependable computing to the magical work of genomics"

Not Awarded

Spring 2014 Fahad

"For work on NEES operations and systems debugging "


"For fearlessly working with Androids and Blades"

Fall 2013 Bowen

"For work on performance evaluation and debugging of distributed applications For handling multiple bosses "


"For infusing path-breaking bioinformatics work into DCSL"

Spring 2013


"For innovative work in embedded system debugging and taking bold steps toward commercializing it"


"For innovative work in large-scale system debugging and leading the LLNL collaboration"

Fall 2012 Gaspar Chris
Spring 2012 Matt Paul
Spring 2011 Ignacio Bowen
Spring 2010 DongHoon N/A
Fall2009 Tanzima N/A
Spring 2009 Rajesh N/A
Fall 2008 Ignacio N/A
Fall 2007 Rajesh N/A
Spring 2007 Issa Ignacio
Fall 2006 Issa Gaspar



Alumni (Ph.D.)

Name: Fahad Ali Arshad
Graduated: Summer 2014
Employer: eLynx (Cincinnati, OH)

Thesis [ pdf ]

URL [ www ]

Name: Bowen Zhou
Graduated: Summer 2014
Employer: Turn (Redwood City, CA)

Thesis [ pdf ]

URL [ www ]

Name: Gaspar Modelo Howard
Graduated: Spring 2013
Employer: Boeing (Sunnyvale, CA)

Thesis [ pdf ]

URL [ www ]


Name: Tanzima Zerin
Graduated: Spring 2013
Employer: Lawrence Livermore National Lab

Thesis [ pdf ]

Name: Ignacio Laguna
Graduated: Fall 2012
Employer: Lawrence Livermore National Lab

Thesis [ pdf ]

Name: Donghoon Shin
Graduated: Summer 2012
Employer: Arizona State University (Assistant Professor)

Thesis [ pdf ]


Name: Jinkyu Koo
Graduated: Summer 2012
Employer: Samsung Electronics

Thesis [ pdf ]


Name: Sarah Sellke
Graduated: Spring 2010
Employer: Purdue University (Visiting Assistant Professor in the Statistics Department)


Thesis [ pdf ]


Name: Rajesh Panta
Graduated: Spring 2010
Employer: AT&T Labs (Researcher in Florham Park, NY lab)


Thesis [ pdf ]



Name: Yu-Sung Wu (Hank)
Graduated: Spring 2009
Employer: National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan (Assistant Professor)


Thesis [ pdf ]


Name: Gunjan Khanna
Graduated: Summer 2007
Employer: McKinsey & Company


Thesis [ pdf ]


Name: Issa Khalil
Graduated: Fall 2006
Employer: United Arab Emirates University (Assistant Professor)


Thesis [ pdf ]



Alumni (MS)

Name: Nina Baker
Graduated: Summer 2011
Employer: Google

Name: Ignacio Laguna
Graduated: Summer 2008
Employer: PhD student, Purdue

Name: Carlos Perez
Graduated: Summer 2007
Employer: US Patents and Trademarks Ofc.


Name: Mike Cheng
Graduated: Summer 2006
Employer: Morningstar

Name: Vinita Apte
Graduated: Summer 2006
Employer: Cummins

Name: Bryan Rabeler
Graduated: Summer 2006
Employer: AMD


Name: Padma Varadharajan
Graduated: Summer 2005
Employer: Microsoft

Name: Mark Krasniewski
Graduated: Summer 2005
Employer: Southwest Research Institute

Name: Yu-Chun Mao
Graduated: Summer 2005
Employer: Microsoft


Name: Nipoon Malhotra
Graduated: Summer 2004
Employer: Microsoft

Name: John Rogers
Graduated: Summer 2003
Employer: Bank of America




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