Name: Ravi Gupta

Project: Performance Debugging in Heterogeneous Computing

Best team in sports: Indian National Team , Cricket

Favorite vacation spot: Paris , France

Favorite quote:  “Yesterday is History ,

                                      Tomorrow is Mystery ,

                                             But Today is a GIFT ,

                                                       So we call it the PRESENT.”


Music that I work to: Instrumental and Chillout Lounge - Yanni , Forbidden Saints , DJ Maretimo


A paragraph about you:

I am a Masters Student in the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering majoring in Computer Engineering. I received my B.E. from Manipal University in Electrical and Electronics Engineering in 2012. I worked for 2 years in Schneider Electric in Software Verification. My research interests lies in the field of Heterogeneous and Parallel Computing. I love to work on systems involving multiple architectures, study their performance characteristics and find performance loopholes. Effective Load balancing, Efficient Memory utilization, Ease of programming and Portability are major challenges faced and I like to study and reduce these challenges. My hobbies include reading Fantasy novels and Playing  Table Tennis. My favourite authors are J.K.Rowling , George R.R. Martin and Dan Brown.