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The Dependable Computing Systems Laboratory (DCSL) at Purdue University investigates the question of how to build dependable heterogeneous large-scale distributed systems. Since many business and life critical functions are being performed by distributed systems, they need to be dependable while meeting their performance goals. Thus, there is need for smart error detection, diagnosis and recovery protocols. More importantly, there is need for architectures that can combine fault tolerance and security aspects with performance aspects in an adaptive manner, adapting to different user requirements and different runtime environments. We consider intrusions to be an increasingly important class of faults and are therefore working on the design of intrusion tolerant systems.

Our application contexts come from various domains, many from our industrial colleagues. These include large-scale scientific computing, big data web services, storage systems, embedded wireless networks, smart phones, healthcare privacy, and enterprise networks.

Our goal is to do cutting edge practical system building work that makes a splash in the academic community and a difference in the wider technology sphere through strategic collaborations with industrial partners. For more details, you can read the following:

  1. Our research overview
  2. Ten things we know to be true

We work with a variety of industrial partners through contract research, grants, voluntary gifts, consulting, software licensing, and good old chatting about cutting-edge problems and how our solutions apply to them (or not). We are typically covered under NDAs before initiating any of these avenues of collaboration. If interested, please contact the DCSL administrative assistant Wanda Dallinger at 765-494-3510 or

We have a state-of-the-art laboratory with compute servers, printers, ad hoc wireless testbed, simulation tools, and other relevant software. Our facilities are in the Electrical Engineering building, the Materials Science and Electrical Engineering (MSEE) building, the Felix Haas building, and the NEEScomm building in Discovery Park.

DCSL is a proud member of The Center for Education and Research in Information Assurance and Security (CERIAS), Network for Earthquake Engineering and Simulation (NEES), and The Cyber Center at Discovery Park.

Cyber Center at Discovery Park
Directions to Prof. Bagchi's Office in EE Building

Directions to get to my office in the Purdue EE building, from Indy airport:

  • Once you get out of the airport take 465N which comes on rather fast.
  • From 465N, you catch 65N that comes on your left.
  • Now you are coming north on I-65. Take exit 175, then turn left to go toward Lafayette , you are now going on IN-25 S. You will go under a bridge and then you will come to a big intersection which is Sagamore Parkway/US-52.
  • You will turn right on this and pass through a somewhatdeserted and forested stretch. You will see a golf course to your left, then you will pass over the Wabash River (which demarcates West Lafayette and Lafayette ) to get into West Lafayette. Within 5 minutes, you will enter habited parts of the city. You will drivethrough 52 with strip malls on both sides.
  • You will come to a light for Salisbury Street which you will cross (at this intersection, you will find two drug stores - CVS and Walgreen, and a Starbucks). Next you will come to a light for Yeager Road and you should be on the left turn lane (there is a BP gas station on the s-e corner of the intersection).
  • Turn left, i.e., south onto Yeager Road (toward the BP gas station).
  • Take Yeager Road to Northwestern Avenue. (a T junction)
  • Turn left onto Northwestern Avenue/US-231 going south.
  • Take Northwestern Avenue past Cherry Lane. You will see the football and basketball stadiums on the right. You will pass an intersection for Stadium Avenue (there is a gas station on the left).
  • Next you will see campus buildings on the right.
  • You should take the next left for entering the Northwestern Garage (within about 1 min of passing the intersection with Stadium). The Purdue Visitor Center is on the ground level of this garage. (See figure below)
  • Park your car in the Visitor Center parking and go into the Visitor Center for a day parking permit which your host should have requested for you and asked to be held in your name. With the permit, you can park in any A-parking spot in the garage, avoiding any reserved spot.
  • The Electrical Engineering building is right opposite the garage (See campus map below). I am in EE 329. In case I am unreachable, my secretary is Nicky Danaher in EE 326B and her phone number is 494-3510. My lab number is 494-3365.
The EE Building, located at 465 Northwestern Avenue,
West Lafayette, IN
Purdue University Visitor Information Center. Located on
Northwestern Avenue, in front of the MSEE and EE buildings.
Partial map of Purdue's West Lafayette Campus. In section H5 you will find the Parking Garage on Northwestern (PGNW), which also houses the Visitor Information Center.
465 Northwestern Avenue, West Lafayette, IN 47907   |   |  +1 765 494 3510
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