Name: Jason Rahman


Project: Application performance prediction in co-interference environments


Best team in sports: St. Louis Cardinals (Baseball)


Favorite vacation spot: Edisto Island, South Carolina


Favorite quote: “Failures, are finger posts on the road to achievement”


Music that I work to: It changes regularly, but at the moment Copeland, Gungor, and We Are Leo


A paragraph about you:

I am currently a Junior undergraduate student in Computer Science with a specialization in systems programing. My interests center around the areas of scalable web services, distributed systems, high-performance computing, and scientific simulations. In the past I have worked on software testing tools at Qualcomm, scalable storage architectures and research infrastructure at DuPont Pioneer, and tools and infrastructure for HPC systems at ITaP. Long term, I want to either enter industry or pursue a Masters degree, working on distributed and scalable systems in either case. In my spare time I enjoy running, hiking, walleyball and finding good food.