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Cortical Organization and Function

Using an extracellular recording approach, our laboratory has developed multivariate approaches to elucidate the representation of shape and space in different cortical regions, and to better understand the effect of cognitive processes, such as attention, on these population representations.  We hope to extend these data-driven approaches to functional imaging.  Population Decoding Review.

Computational Modeling

We have used computational approaches at both a systems level, to better understand cortical organization and how cellular level properties constrain population representations (Systems Level Modeling) as well as at a cellular and network level, to better understand how neurophysiologically plausible cell properties (adaptive gain, shape selectivity) and interactions (mutual inhibition) can explain behavioral output or response time (Attention Model, Memory Model). We hope to extend these computational approaches to other cognitive processes (e.g., voluntary attention and memory) as well as to use the models to provide insight into electrical therapies for cognitive deficits. 

Prognosis and Intervention in Human Disease

Using eye-tracking, pointing and other behavioral measures, we have sought to identify behavioral brain-based biomarkers of sensorimotor and cognitive performance that can help in diagnosis, prognosis, and evaluation of intervention in developmental, neurological, and psychiatric human disorders. We have developed an easy-to-use tablet-based app that was able to detect cognitive slowing following subconcussive head blows (such as headers in soccer) and accurately diagnose concussion in the emergency room, research selected as one of the Top Ten Concussion Research Articles of 2015 by the Defense and Veterans Brain Injury Center of Excellence.  We hope to use these sensitive behavioral approaches to improve accurate early identification of deficit, reducing risk of more serious injury, as well as in the application and identification of more effective and personalized interventions.