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Anne Sereno

Psychological Sciences
West Lafayette
Office:  3170 PSYC
Phone:  (281) 701-0648
Dr. Sereno’s research focuses on the higher cognitive functions of attention, memory and eye movements with findings having a direct impact on the diagnosis, treatment and etiology of various human disorders. With degrees in Biology, Mathematics, and Psychology, and advanced training in Psychiatry and Neuroscience, her research has utilized neurophysiological, computational, and behavioral approaches to better understand brain organization and function and to help develop tools to improve diagnosis, intervention, and treatment for cognitive deficits in human disorders. She has developed an easy-to-use tablet-based app that was able to detect cognitive slowing following subconcussive head blows (such as headers in soccer) and accurately diagnose concussion in the emergency room, research selected as one of the Top Ten Concussion Research Articles of 2015 by the Defense and Veterans Brain Injury Center of Excellence