Scalable Manufacturing of
Aware & Responsive Thin Films

The SMART Consortium

Purdue University's SMART Films Consortium is comprised of interdisciplinary researchers, collaborating with industry leaders, who are dedicated to answering one unifying question: How can Internet of Things (IoT) sensor technology become so affordable it can be produced at mass volumes and deployed over large areas?

We believe the solution to this challenge is hybrid printed IoT devices. Non-silicon sensors are low-cost, disposable, biocompatible and flexible, but can also provide coverage over large areas and be integrated with standard silicon for communication and networking - creating a hybrid printed IoT system. Consequently, non-silicon and silicon sensors, integrated as a hybrid IoT system, could transform numerous industries - from agriculture, manufacturing, sports, healthcare and emergency response to food packaging, infrastructure, and sensor networking.

Please click here to learn more about our vision, including seeing our brief video.

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Ali Shakouri
  • Scalable Manufacturing of Aware & Responsive Thin Films (SMART)
  • Prof. Ali Shakouri
  • 1205 W. State St.
  • BRK 1027C (Office)
  • West Lafayette, IN 47907

  • Office: (765) 494-3509
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