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Summer 2018

David Rokke’s submission to the 2018 AIChE Conference, “Understanding the Formation and Pyrolysis of Metal Thiolate Complexes for Solution-Processed Thin Film Photovoltaics,” is accepted for an oral presentation

Prof. Rakesh Agrawal delivered a plenary lecture titled “Energy Systems Engineering for an Emerging Solar Economy” at the 13th International Symposium on Process Systems Engineering (PSE) 2018.

Radhakrishna Tumbalam Gooty and Yiru Li presented their research at PSE 2018

Congratulations to Zheyu Jiang for receiving the 2018 AIChE Separations Division Graduate Student Research Award

Congratulations to Radhakrishna Tumbalam Gooty for receiving PSE 2018 Young Researcher Award

Spring 2018

Professor Rakesh Agrawal and the NSF NRT research project are featured in an article by Forbes

Congratulations to Solar Energy Research group alumni Charles (Chuck) Hages for accepting a faculty position at the University of Florida

Congratulations to Solar Energy Research group alumni Charles (Chuck) Hages for receiving the Citation Award from the Purdue University Davidson School of Chemical Engineering

Congratulations to Scott McClary for receiving the 2018-2019 Bisland Dissertation Fellowship

Congratulations to Yiru Li for passing her Preliminary Examination


Resources for Graduate Students

Professional Development and Communication Skills

Registration for Professional Development Programs offered by GSPD:


Spring 2017 Communications Workshops including “Communicating Via Email,” “Conference Abstracts,” “Designing and Giving a Poster Presentation,” and many more:


Educational Resources

PV Education Webpage, offering a wide variety of information on various photovoltaic technologies:


  • As a part of NREL’s HOPE program, Dr. Caleb Miskin and Graduate Student Scott McClary contributed to PV education by adding new materials systems and concepts. Their CZTSSe page is now live at: http://pveducation.org/pvcdrom/materials/cztsse