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Current research projects fall in two main themes: nanoscale heat conduction and nano-photonics (including nanoscale thermal radiation). These projects involve theoretical, computational, and experimental components. Theoretical tools include heat transfer, quantum mechanics, solid state physics, optics, and electromagnetic theory. Computational tools involve multiscale simulation techniques of nanoscale energy transport, including first principles calculations, molecular dynamics simulations, Monte-Carlo simulations, and Boltzmann transport theory. Experiments include fabrication of nanomaterials and devices, and characterizations of these materials and devices using advanced spectroscopy techniques.


Browse by themes:


● Thermal transport in nanomaterials and across interfaces

Student investigators: Ajit Vallabhaneni, Yan Wang, Bo Qiu, Tianli Feng, and Yalin Dong


Thermoelectric nanomaterials: simulations, synthesis, and devices

Student investigators: Bo Qiu, Liangliang Chen, and Kelly Rickey


Solar cell nanomaterials: simulations, synthesis, and devices

Student investigators: Liangliang Chen, Kelly Rickey, and Dr. Venkataprasad Bhat


● Nanoscale thermal radiation and nano-photonics

Student investigators: Hua Bao and Subrahmanya Duvvuri



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