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Selected News:


5/2024:Student Award. Andrea has received the Most Outstanding Interdisciplinary Project Award (MOIPA) from Purdue. Congrats, Andrea!  


5/2024:Student Award. Ziqi Guo received the Systems Fellowship from Purdue University. Congrats, Ziqi!  


5/2024:Faculty Award. Prof. Ruan received the Discovery in Mechanical Engineering Award from the School of Mechanical Engineering.  


4/2024:Faculty Award. Prof. Ruan received the 2024 ASME McDonald Mentoring Award, for "for leadership in sustainable energy and nanoscale transport research and for serving as a role model for diverse, inclusive, and effective mentoring".  


4/2024:Student Awards. Zherui received the College of Engineering Graduate Student Outstanding Research Award. Ziqi Fang received the Magoon Award for Excellence in Teaching. Congrats, Zherui and Ziqi!  


2/2024: Student Award. Emily received the TRAvel for CollaborativE Research (TRACER) Grant. Congrats, Emily! 


2/2024: New Student and Award. Andrew Witty, who is currently a senior in Purdue ME and a student-athelet in the Purdue swimming team, will join our group as a graduate student in summer 2024. He received the Cordier Fellowship. Congrats and welcome, Andrew!  


1/2024: Alumni Award. Former PhD student Dr. Tianli Feng, now professor at the University of Utah, received the NSF CAREER Award. Congrats, Tianli!  


12/2023: Student Award. Daniel received the Lambert Teaching Fellowship. Congrats!  


12/2023: Student Featured. Andrea was featured in the November/December issue of the Diversity in Action Magazine! See the digital magazine here.  


11/2023: News coverage. Zherui's research story "Is graphene the best heat conductor ever? Purdue researchers investigates with four-phonon scattering" was covered by multiple news media! Read more at Purdue, AZoNano, ScienceDaily, etc.  


11/2023: Student Award. Ioanna received the Stevenson Scholarship from the School of Mechanical Engineering at Purdue. Congrats!  


11/2023: Student Award. We are at the 2023 ASME IMECE conference. Andrea received a Second Place Best Poster Award at the Society-Wide Micro and Nanotechnology Forum, and Krutarth received Heat Transfer Division K-9 Session Presentation Award. Congrats!  


10/2023: Best Inventions of 2023! Our invention of the ultrawhite radiative cooling paint, including the thin and lightweight hBN-acrylic paint, was named one of the Best Inventions of 2023 by Time Magazine! Read more here.  


08/2023: Student Award. Ioanna received the Lambert Teaching Fellowship. Congrats!  


07/2023: Student Award. Ziqi Guo received a Heat Transfer Division K-9 Session Presentation Award at the 2023 ASME Summer Heat Transfer Conference. Congrats!  


07/2023: New York Times front page. Our ultrawhite radiative cooling paint story was featured on the front page of New York Times! Read more here.  


06/2023: Brillouin Medal. Prof. Ruan, together with Prof. Tianli Feng from the University of Utah, have received the 2023 Brillouin Medal from the Interntional Phononics Society, for "their formulation of four-phonon scattering theory and associated computational studies". The medal is awarded biennially (every two years) to a specific seminal contribution in the field of phononics. We are honored and humbled to receive this amazing recognition named after Leon Brillouin, a pioneer in quantum mechanics, solid state physics, and phononics. Read more here.  


03/2023: SXSW Innovation Award in Sustainability. Our thin and lightweight radiative cooling paint technology won the SXSW 2023 Innovation Award for Sustainability! Read more here.  


10/2022: News Media Coverage. Our invention of thin and lightweight radiative cooling paint has been covered by numrous news reports globally, including US News & World ReportIndependentSmithsonianFast CompanyPopular MechanicsC&ENMaterials TodayGIZMODO, and many more! 


08/2022: Three former PhD students joined faculty. Former PhD student Dr. Jingjing Shi joined the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at the University of Florida as an assistant professor, Dr. Xiangyu Li joined the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Tennessee as an assistant professor, and Dr. Zuyuan Wang joined the University of Electronic Science and Technology of China as a professor. Congratulations! In total, 9 PhD graduates and 5 postdoctoral alumni of our group have joined faculty.


04/2021: News Media Coverage. Our invention of ultra-white paints for below-ambient radiative cooling has received tremendous global attention and is the most publicized research story from Purdue in 2021! It earned the Guinness World Record of the "World's Whitest Paint" and generated more than 4 billion reads globally via coverage by more than 2,000 news reports, including Purdue News, BBC News, BBC News (TV)CNN, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, The Guardian, USA TODAYScience Magazine, New Scientist, Fast Company, PBS News Hour, abcNBC LX, CBS42, and many more in different countries and languages. It was even featured in Jimmy Fallon's "The Tonight Show", Stephen Colbert's "The Late Show", and the "Saturday Night Live". See the compiled image below (not exhaustive on the news outlets). Read our journal paper published in Cell Reports Physical Science (a new sister journal to Cell) and ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces. We are currently working with partners towards commercializing this exciting technology.  








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