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Postdoctoral Researchers

Qinghua Xu, 2022

Adipose Tissue Engineering & In vitro tissue models

Pallabi Pal, 2021

Cartilage Tissue Engineering

Graduate Students

Jessica Torres, Ph.D. 2023

Designing Biomimetic Materials for Biomedical Applications

Current: Eli Lilly

Claire Kilmer, Ph.D. 2019

Collagen Type I and II Blend Hydrogels for Articular Cartilage Tissue Engineering

Current: Humacyte

Nelda Vázquez-Portalatín, Ph.D. 2019

The Use of Biopolymers for Tissue Engineering

Current: OmniVis

Charng-yu Lin, Ph.D. 2019

Toward Rational Design of Rational Materials for Biological Applications 

Current: DuPont Taiwan 

Sydney Hollingshead, Ph.D. 2018

Biological Applications of Elastin- and Mussel-Inspired Polymers

Current: Cook Biotech

Celina Twitchell, M.S. 2018

Restoring Joint Lubrication: The Development of a Biomimetic Lubricin Peptidoglycan to Reduce Friction at the Articular Cartilage Surface 

Renay S-C Su, Ph.D. 2015

Engineering Elastomeric Protein-Based Biomaterials for Tissue Engineering and Drug Delivery Applications 

Current: DuPont Taiwan

M. Jane Brennan, Ph.D. 2015

Design and Characterization of Biomimetic Adhesive Materials

Current: Washington University in St. Louis 

Yeji Kim, Ph.D. 2014

Modulating Cell Differentiation with Protein-Engineered Microenvironments 

Current: LG Chemical

Richard Galas, Ph.D. 2013

Microenvironmental Cues for Vascular Tissue Engineering 

Current: Takeda Pharmaceuticals

Julie Renner, Ph.D. 2012

Modular Protein Matrices for Cartilage Repair

Current: Case Western Reserve University 

Undergraduate students

Kevin Vargo, Andrew Lundfelt, Vicente Garcías, Jason Wu, Andrew Shrum, Carl Snyder, Grant Haeussler, Teresa Lin, Kevin Cherry, Ryan Mihalic, Peter Meléndez, Ahmed Abdelsalam, Meggan Stanton, Mary Kearney, MacKenzie Tweardy, Christopher Hanselman, Jeffrey Frumkin, Haefa Mansour, Yuqian Chen, Reid Bonner, Victoria Messerschmidt, Christine Peercy, Isaura Frost, Luis Sotomayor Cuevas, Bridget Kilbride, Emily Gill, Kelsey Bullens, Sana Chughtai, Zain Clapacs, Yupeng Zhuo, Ben Lange, Nicole Shoaf, Dana Boucher, Gabriella Pruneda, Sathvik Madduri, Kayla McKeague, Leonard Cahya, David Holicz, Jason Minnich II, Rithika Athreya, Dean Constantine