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Our group believes in the importance of outreach events that encourage the younger generation to be involved in STEM. 

STEM Night at Murdock Elementary School

STEM Night held at a local elementary school for the students (K-4th) and their parents (~75 students) to participate in science demonstrations and activities.


Solar Rollers

Solar Rollers is an educational event sponsored by the Graduate Student Organization, where middle schoolers from a local middle school, Tecumseh, come to Purdue and work in teams with a graduate student to design, build, and race solar powered cars. Over the years, our lab members proudly participated in the event.

Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day (IGED)

Since 2014, our lab has participated in IGED. IGED is an outreach event centered around sharing engineering with high school girls in 9th and 10th grade. Our lab designed a chemical engineering activity to explore principles of engineering within a tissue engineering context.  Hosted a total of 18 sessions with a total of 565 attendees (2014-2019).

Activity Sheet

Exciting Discoveries for Girls in Engineering

Before IGED, our lab participated in Exciting Discoveries for Girls in Engineering summer camp run by the Women in Engineering Program from 2009-2012, hosting 89 attendees. Our group published a peer-reviewed article in Chemical Engineering Education describing our outreach activity. Here is the activity worksheet associated with the event.