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Group Members


Principal Investigator


Postdoctoral RA

  Yumeng Zhao
Research: Grain dust dispersion characteristics

Graduate Students

  Camila Jange
PhD Research: Surface composition and flow properties of powders
  Karthik Salish
PhD Research: Caking of powders
  Zhengpu Chen
PhD Research: Developing a validated model for predicting grain damage using discrete element method

Undergraduate Students


Lab Alumni (Postdoctoral RA/Graduate students)

Name Research Project Current Employment
Ben Plumier (RA)
Modeling dust separation process during grain handling
Vaibhav Pathak (MS) Effect of starch-based hydrogel coating on early growth of seed corn Continuing for PhD in IPPH, Purdue
Achint Sanghi (MS) Modeling solar dryers Telesense, CA
Yanjie Chen (MS) Layer-wise agglomeration of urea Family business, China
At Kansas State University  
Kaliramesh Siliveru (PhD) Particle cohesion and its effect on flour sifting Assistant Prof., Kansas State University
Abhay Patwa (MS) DEM modeling of wheat milling Kellogg's, Battle Creek, MI
Qi Bian (MS) Effect of impurities on bulk wheat flow COFCO, Beijing, China
Josephine Boac (RA) DEM modeling of grain flow KDHE, Topeka, KS


Lab Alumni (Undergraduate Students)

Jacob Bennett (BS ChE) Germination of seed corn at stressed conditions
Michelle Dixon (BS BE, SURF Intern) Compaction of food powders (ASABE K.K. Barnes Student Research Award)
Mishank Shah (BS ChE) Adhesion of dust on corn kernels
Qijue Chen (BS ABE) Compression behavior of corn kernels
Shuyi Peng (BS ABE) Flow properties of pharma excipients
Hilal Kesim (BS ABE) Quality sensing by image analysis
Adam Hemmelgarn (BS ABE) DEM simulation of grain property (ASABE K.K. Barnes Student Research Award)
Xinruo Wang (BS ABE) Fertilizer coating
Shiying Chen (BS ABE) Effect of particle properties on powder unconfined yield strength
At Kansas State University  
Nathalia Periera Silva (BS UWRF) Flow properties of food powders
Farrukh Ahmad (BS GSI) Whole grain milling
Matt Santler (BS GSI) Dust cloud in confined spaces
Daniel Buyonsky (BS FS) Flour rheology
Sriram Perumal (BS IE) Developing a wheat mill simulation model
Sam Cook (BS GSI) Flow properties of tuber crop powders


Lab Alumni (Visiting Scholars)

Dr. Xiaoxi Kou Assistant Professor, Northwest A&F University, China Res: Moisture diffusion in corn kernels
Valentina Preciado National University of Colombia, Colombia Res: Flow properties of fruit powders
Jose Gamboa Gamboa Universidad Nacional De Colombia, Colombia Res: Image analysis of rice kernels
Jiajia Fang Inner Mongolia Agricultural University, China Res: Modeling the compaction of alfalfa
Kelly Johanna Patarroyo Universidad Nacional De Colombia, Colombia Light sensitive coating for urea granules
Ghulam Murtaza University of Agriculture, Faisalabad, Pakistan Modeling solar drying of paddy
Vinti Singla NIFTEM, India Modeling powder mixing
Dr. Mavis Owureku-Asare Scientist, BNARI, Ghana Solar drying of tomatoes
At Kansas State University    
Dr. M. R. Manikantan CPCRI, ICAR, India Flow properties of coconut powders
Lauriel Stewart Tuskegee University Coefficient of restitution of grain kernels
Jeevan Upreti NIFTEM, India PIV analysis of DDGS hopper flow
Vikas Kumar IIT Kharagpur, India Modeling the spray coating process
Michael Pordesimo Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology Flour particle segregation