Greetings from Dean Chiang

I am excited to join the Boilermaker family and to serve Purdue Engineering: a unique place with a proud heritage, tremendous momentum and a bright future.

Since arriving at the College in July, I have met many of our students, faculty, staff and alumni. From these incredible people at Purdue Engineering, I have been learning more about the innovative pedagogies that produce first-rate engineering graduates who lead in their professions. I have seen the groundbreaking research by my colleagues, who push the envelope of knowledge and make positive impacts on our society.

I have also talked with enthusiastic donors, including many featured in this issue of IMPRINTS. Your exceptional loyalty and generosity are inspiring. We are truly grateful for our engaged and caring supporters, who have made a difference in the lives of many on our campus.

I know you will enjoy, as I did, the stories about alumni like Rollin Hook; Susan and Chris Burke; the late Linda Huff and her husband, Jim; Arjun Ishwar and his classmates; Polly and John La Duc; and Elizabeth and Donald Thompson. Their giving to scholarships and College programs is enriching our student learning experience significantly.

I would also draw your attention to the stories of Eleanor and Ravi Talwar; Florence and Paul Stahura; Cheryl and James McCarthy Jr.; and Phillip Wankat, whose support for faculty and staff speaks to a deep understanding of, and dedication to, the caliber and vitality of our College.

After reading about our featured donors, please be sure to review our update on Ever True: The Campaign for Purdue University. Alyssa Wilcox, associate vice president for advancement, provides important details about our progress as we head into the final 20 months of this fundraising effort. Your continued support is essential.

This year’s Day of Giving is yet another dramatic demonstration of your commitment to our College. On that day, 1,780 alumni, friends, students, and faculty and staff made donations to the College of Engineering — a new record! A multitude of initiatives will be strengthened by the more than $15 million donated on that single day: more than half of the total amount raised by the University.

All told, you made 9,515 gifts to the College, totaling $162 million during the 2016-17 fiscal year. Each of your gifts enables us to elevate our aim and map future achievements to new heights for our students, our state and the world.

Over many decades, Purdue has developed a worldwide reputation for excellence in engineering. My predecessor and colleague, Leah Jamieson, has strategically grown the College through her 11 years of outstanding leadership. I am honored and humbled to have the opportunity to contribute to its future, and I dedicate myself to working with all of you to propel Purdue Engineering to the pinnacle of excellence.

Boiler Up!

Mung Chiang
The John A. Edwardson Dean of the College of Engineering