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2018 College of Engineering Giving Report

The Distinguished Engineering Alumni/Alumnae Award is presented to men and women who have distinguished themselves in any field in ways that reflect favorably on Purdue University, the engineering profession or society in general. The distinction of DEA has been bestowed upon 540 outstanding individuals.

Allen Salmasi

Allen Salmasi, BSEE '77, BSIM '77, MSEE '79, Chairman and CEO, VEEA Inc. and NLabs Inc.
Allen Salmasi, BSEE ’77, BSIM ’77, MSEE ’79, Chairman and CEO, VEEA Inc. and NLA

The spirit of high-tech innovation permeates Allen Salmasi’s career. As an entrepreneur, he has launched companies that have revolutionized wireless communications. Salmasi earned his degrees in electrical engineering and industrial management at Purdue.

In 1983, Salmasi founded Omninet Corp. and led development of the world’s first and largest commercial terrestrial mobile satellite communications for two-way messaging called OmniTRACS. In 1989, as president of wireless communications and chief strategic officer of Qualcomm Inc., he initiated and developed the company’s wireless business. He later initiated the Globalstar satellite communications project with partner Loral Space and Communications.

In 1996, he formed NextWave Telecom Inc. He and his team developed the first Mobil Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) service with MCI Corp. Today, wireless service plans in every corner of the globe are offered through MVNOs.

Currently, Salmasi is CEO of Veea Inc., a computing and communications firm. And through his venture capital firm NLabs Inc., he supports innovation through investments in media, communications, computing and biotechnology.


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The College of Engineering Makes Its Mark

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2018 Distinguished Engineering Alumni/Alumnae

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