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2018 College of Engineering Giving Report

The College of Engineering Makes Its Mark

On the fifth annual Day of Giving — April 25, 2018 — Purdue alums, friends, faculty, students and staff from all 50 states and 58 countries joined forces to surpass last year’s record by raising $37.6 million from 18,663 gifts — in just 24 hours. For the fourth consecutive year, Purdue’s Day of Giving holds the record in higher education for the most dollars raised in a single day. Over the past five years, Purdue’s social-media based fundraising campaign has generated $105.3 million. Funds go toward freezing tuition, keeping room and board costs down, scholarships and financial aid, study abroad opportunities and research.

Make Your Mark!
Embracing the Make Your Mark theme, supporters made sure the College of Engineering stood out on the Day of Giving leaderboards.
The College of Engineering and four engineering schools dominated the top 10 list, each bringing in over $1M.
Gifts to the College of Engineering totaled $11,574,468, from 2,406 gifts. Engineering raised more than 30% of the total dollar amount on the 2018 Day of Giving.
The Purdue Student Engineering Foundation had 282 gifts pledged winning the student organization challenge for Most Gifts Pledged.
The School of Industrial Engineering won Most Unique Photo
In addition to providing support throughout the year, Engineering alums rise to the challenge and contribute to their favorite campus groups during Purdue Day of Giving.
Electrical and Computer Engineering: $3,478,108, third-most funds raised.
Davidson School of Chemical Engineering: $2,704,415
Mechanical Engineering: $1,162,468
School of Aeronautics and Astronautics: $2,222,877
Purdue Day of Giving 2018

It takes the entire Purdue Engineering community — and gifts of all sizes — to make the Day of Giving successful. In 2018, alumni, friends, students and corporate partners pledged more than 2,400 individual donations to Purdue Engineering. We are grateful for each and every gift.


Fall 2018


Dean's Message

Pinnacle of Excellence at Scale

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Giant Leaps in Engineering, Discovery Park District

The College of Engineering Makes Its Mark

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Our Gratitude for a Stellar Year


2018 Distinguished Engineering Alumni/Alumnae

Investments in Infrastructure
Expansions and improvements to teaching and learning spaces, laboratories, offices

Elevating Student Experience
Scholarships, student opportunities, diversity programs, student clubs

Dedicated to the Cause
Fundraising, event hosting, activity planning, advisory boards, networking with alumni

Funding Research
Laboratory infrastructure and equipment, project startup funds, graduate student support

Flexible Gifts
Administrative funds, student travel and networking, unexpected opportunities

Fueling Faculty
Rewarding, retaining, recruiting faculty and promoting diversity in engineering

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