Endowment Supports Student Leaders

Purdue Engineering Student Council (PESC) connects students with faculty and industry
The Purdue Engineering Student Council, a longtime organizer of the Industrial Roundtable and other events that connect students with faculty and industry, is now at a new level of fiscal preparedness.

It's not often that student campaigns are run on a platform of fiscal preparedness.

But when Gerald Hardesty (BSME '13) was elected president of the Purdue Engineering Student Council (PESC ) in 2012, he pledged to plan for the future through the creation of a PESC endowment.

Hardesty's idea was well-received among PESC members, since the council's mission — connecting students with faculty and industry — is focused on the longer term.

Its 40 members organize dozens of events for engineering students every year, including the nation's largest student-run job fair, the Industrial Roundtable. The 2013 roundtable was the largest since its founding in 1980, as 380 companies participated in the multiple-day event on Memorial Mall.

Over the years, the Industrial Roundtable's history of success provided PESC with a surplus of funds, giving its membership additional resources to serve the council's efforts on behalf of engineering students.

Hardesty made the case that PESC should use these monies to establish a fund that eventually would earn income in the form of interest and semiannual dividends.

Last year, PESC members unanimously approved the proposal and put into action a plan to provide an initial $250,000 investment to create the Purdue Engineering Student Council Endowment. The endowment will allow future PESC members to continue the council's activities without relying solely on funds generated by its events.

The leaders of PESC are also exploring how the interest from the endowment fund might expand the reach of the organization's Merit Fund, which encourages engineering-related activities and programs through monetary support to campus organizations.

"I think the Merit Fund is one of the best ways that PESC serves students at Purdue," Hardesty says. "Increasing the fund's budget would help even more student groups reach their potential."

Projects by Merit Fund honorees expand the impact of PESC across campus and around the globe. Last year's recipients included the Purdue Global Design Team, which modeled a hydroturbine in Cameroon that supplies nearly 1,000 homes with electricity and created around 100 new jobs in the community. The team used their Merit Fund award to build a full-scale prototype for turbine construction.

The Purdue Engineering Student Council Endowment started as a campaign promise but became something more. It takes the council's mission of serving students to a new level, giving PESC the opportunity to use additional resources to support student activities, along with the assurance that it will operate with financial stability in the years ahead.

To support this program, please make check payable to the Purdue Foundation and designate to the "PESC." Mail to the Purdue Foundation, 403 W. Wood St., West Lafayette, IN 47907-2007.

THE 2012-13 PESC

We thank the 2012-13 PESC members for their generosity.


Ross Wehner (ME), President
Jacob Ford (IE), Vice President
Roshan Jobanputra (AAE), Treasurer
Stephen Spence (ECE), Secretary


Karen Rockwell (IE), Head
Trevor Dowd (ECE)
John Ribeiro (ECE)
Derek Smith (IE)

Engineering Outreach
Julia Revenig (IE), Head
Jennifer Evans (ChE)
Deyu Kong (ME)
Connor Burnett (ME)
Anna Kacius (ME)
Samantha Sauers (AAE)

Engineering Relations
Kristen Leenerman (IE), Head
Molly Adams (ME)
Brian Dick (ChE)
Jason Miller (IE)
Rose Reyling (BME)
Michael Gray (ChE)
Elise Lund (ABE)

Industrial Relations
Tyler Berry (ME), Head
Jordan Leising (IE)
Erin Meehan (ChE)
Kevin Kral (ME)
Anna Ye (IE)
Lilly Myers (ChE)
Scott Mohler (ME)
Kelsey Rieger (ChE)
Kara Steffen (ME)

Internal Activities
Spencer Tanaka (ME), Head
Sarah Small (ME)
Max Youngs (BME)
Anna Filley (BME)

Student Activities    
Isiah Brenner (ME), Head
Andrew Stover (ME)
John Keck (ME)
Sree Panuganty (ChE)
Michael Bellino (ME)
Jeneé Christiansen (CE)