A Golden Voice - Meet the man behind the Purdue Telefund phone call

Eric Hershey
Eric Hershey would like to say thank you.

As a College of Pharmacy student who recently completed the fourth year of a six-year Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) Program, he has reached out to you many times through his job at the Purdue Telefund and you have answered his phone calls. You have taken the time to share your Purdue experiences with him. You have listened to his updates on the latest on-campus developments. You have been very generous with both your time and your donations, allowing Eric to raise more money ($16,660) in support of the College of Engineering than any other student caller from July 1, 2010, through June 30, 2011.

Originally from Medina, Ohio, Eric was drawn to the Telefund during his first year on campus because of the flexible schedule it allowed him to keep. Students are required to work two sessions during the week and one on the weekend (either a Friday or a Sunday) for a total of approximately 12 hours. There was also another factor.

“Since I was paying out-of-state tuition, my parents recommended that I get a part-time job,” Eric said. Though he may have arrived in search of a way to offset his expenses, he has stayed for the great conversations with alumni like you.

“I enjoy listening to the stories that alumni share with me and appreciate the questions I get about campus buildings and current and former faculty members,” Eric said. “I feel as though this job has allowed me to interact with the people who make Purdue a special place.”