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Team: ____________________________ Project:_________________________________

Project Partner: ____________________ Project Leader: __________________________

Advisor: __________________________ Date:____________________________________

Delivery Location:___________________________________________________________



Proj. Leader



Delivery Checklist

  1. The key components been reviewed by the advisor and/or external reviewers.
  1. The system has been completely tested in the delivery configuration.
  1. The project identified as an EPICS project (e.g. an EPICS sticker).
  1. The team has appropriate design documentation for the project on SharePoint.
  1. The project partner’s requirements have been addressed by the project.
  1. The quality of the appearance of the project is acceptable for delivery.
  1. Safety issues identified in design reviews have been addressed.
  1. User manuals and/or troubleshooting guides are complete.
  1. Maintenance and upkeep roles for EPICS students and project partner have been clearly identified.
  1. EPICS team has taken a photograph of the project to include in summary and team website.
  1. Contact information has been provided to program coordinator [Pam Brown].
  1. Copy of Customer Satisfaction Questionnaire has been given to community partner.
  1. Preliminary copy of the delivery checklist delivered to the program coordinator.
  1. Two week check (two weeks after delivery)

  1. Delivered Project form completed.


  1. Project is working and should remain deployed at the Project Partner.
  1. User manuals and/or troubleshooting guides are complete and delivered to Project Partner.
  1. Completed checklist delivered to the program coordinator before the end of the semester.
  1. Customer Satisfaction Questionnaire has been completed by Community Partner.


Delivery Process

The review and delivery process is managed by the project leaders for each project. The project leaders are responsible for obtaining the initials for each category from the team’s advisor, project partner and a representative from the EPICS Administration. The project leader should initial each category before presenting the project for delivery. The project leader is also responsible for obtaining initials for the two week check before the end of the semester.