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Selected videos feature the Duerstock IAS Lab and Prehensile Technologies:

Assistive Technology Update Podcast - EASI RIDER with Dr. Bradley Duerstock



IAS Lab Overview - Health & Longevity (Purdue University Graduate School)


IAS Lab - Stem-designed assistive technology: Purdue University researchers are developing software in a "haptic device" that could give people with visual impairments the ability to identify scientific images on a computer screen using their other senses. Learn more: (Video/Purdue Engineering)


Prehensile Technologies Overview: This startup is commercializing an assistive wheelchair technology that could provide people with disabilities an efficient and easy-to-use method to more easily position and remove an iPad or other mobile device. Learn more: (Video/Purdue Office of Technology & Commercialization)


Prehensile Technologies - RoboTable: RoboTable is a robotic over-bed table for beds, recliners, and wheelchairs. It allows a user to independently deploy, position, and store mobile devices using a remote or accessible switches from a bed or chair. (Video: Prehensile Technologies)