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Current Sponsored Research Projects

  • Photo of Srinivasan ChandrasekarModulation assisted machining and drilling (NSF-Partnership for Innovation (PFI), M4 Sciences, Seco Tools (Sweden) and Hurco Corp.)
  • Enhancing deformation processing capability of structural lightweight metals (US Army)
  • High-efficiency sheet processing of light-weight structural materials (NSF GOALI, M4Sciences, Purdue TRASK commercialization fund)
  • Sustainable Manufacturing via multi-scale physics-based process modeling and manufacturing-informed design (Department of Energy IMI, Third Wave Systems). Collaborators are Penn State, UC Santa Barbara and Georgia Tech
  • Engineering of functionally graded magnesium composite surfaces (NSF GOALI, GM)
  • Instability phenomena in soft matter friction
  • Deformation in indentation of metals, polymers and hierarchical biological composites
  • High speed machining of Compacted Graphite Iron (Diamond Innovations)
  • Surface micro-texturing for enhanced performance – NSF
  • Flow and processing of granular materials (foundation funds). Joint with Indian Inst. Sci., Bangalore, India.

Center Laboratories

  • Composites processing
  • Manufacturing processes
  • Materials processing
  • Manufacturing methodology
  • Materials Characterization