[06/22/2017]: "LES/PDF modeling of turbulent premixed flames with locally enhanced mixing by reaction" authored by Prof. Wang, Tejas and Pei has been accepted by Flow Turbulence and Combustion.

[04/26/2017]: Utsav attended the 10th US National Combustion meeting and gave a talk titled "Characteristics and Parameterization of Spray Combustion in Laminar Counter-Flow Jet Flames".


Purdue Computational Energy and Propulsion Lab

Research Focus The Purdue Computational Energy & Propulsion Lab (CEPL) was founded by Prof. Haifeng Wang in July 2012. The mission of CEPL is to engage in frontier research and education in the field of energy conversion systems involving multi-scale multi-physical processes such as molecular transport, fluid flow, turbulence, and chemical reaction.

We are particularly interested in the following areas:

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