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Refereed Conference Papers 

[18] M. Moini, J. Olek, B. Magee, P.D. Zavattieri, J. Youngblood, "Additive manufacturing and characterization of architecture cement-based materials via x-ray micro-computed tomography", In: Wangler T., Flatt R. (eds),  First RILEM International Conference on Concrete and Digital Fabrication – Digital Concrete 2018, volume 19, 2018. [Download PDF]

[17] J.M. Cleveland, Y. Zhang, D. Restrepo, N.  Mankame, P. Zavattieri, "Mechanical Investigation of Phase-Transforming Cellular and Origami Materials", The Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF) Symposium. Paper 30, 2016. [Download PDF]

[16]   Fennell, H., Coutinho, G. S., Magana, A. J., Restrepo, D., & Zavattieri, P. (2017). Enhancing student meaning-making of threshold concepts via computation: The case of Mohr's Circle. Proceedings from the 124th ASEE Annual Conference and Exposition, Colombus, OH. [Download PDF]

[15] Y. Farnam, H. Shagerdi Esmaeeli, D. Bentz, P. Zavattieri, J. Weiss, "Experimental and Numerical Investigation on the Effect of Cooling/Heating Rate on the Freeze-Thaw Behavior of Mortar Containing Deicing Salt Solution",  International Conference on the Regeneration and Conservation of Concrete Structures (RCCS),  Nagasaki, Japan, 2015. [Download PDF]

[14] F.C. Antico, P.D. Zavattieri, L.G. Hector Jr. "Adhesion of Nickel-Titanium Shape Memory Alloy Wires to Polymeric Materials:
Theory and Experiment" , Proceedings of the 2012 TMS Annual meeting and Exhibition, Orlando, FL, March 11-15, 2012. (DOI: 10.1002/9781118357002.ch71 ) [Download PDF]
[13] D. Restrepo, N. D. Mankame and P. D. Zavattieri, “Shape Memory Polymer based Cellular Materials”,  Mechanics of time-dependent materials and processes in conventional and multifunctional materials, v. 3,  Society for Experimental Mechanics, 2011. (DOI: 10.1007/978-1-4614-0213-8_15). [Download PDF]
[12]  L.G. Hector, Jr, P.D. Zavattieri, “Nucleation and propagation of Portevin-Le Châtelier Bands in autenitic steel with twinning induced plasticity”, Proceedings of the Society for Experimental Mechanics SEM Annual Conference & Exposition on  Experimental and Applied Mechanics, Indianapolis, IN,  June7-10 2010. [Download PDF]
[11] J.H. Yan, M.A. Sutton, X. Deng, P. Zavattieri, Z. G. Wei, “Mixed-mode crack growth in ductile thin sheet materials”, Proceedings of the Society for Experimental Mechanics SEM Annual Conference & Exposition on  Experimental and Applied Mechanics, 2009. Albuquerque, New Mexico US, June 1 - 4, 2009.  [Download PDF]
[10] P. D. Zavattieri, “Modeling of crack propagation in thin-walled structures”, Mecanica Computacional, Vol. XXIII, G. Buscaglia, E. Dari, O.Zamonsky (Eds.) XIV Congress on Numerical Methods and their Applications ENIEF 2004, to be held in S. C. de Bariloche, Nov. 8-11, 2004. (Invited Key Talk)
[9] P.D. Zavattieri and H.D. Espinosa, “Grain level analysis of ceramic microstructures subjected to impact loading”, Ceramic Transactions pp. 349-360. 4-8, the Proceedings of Ceramic Armor Materials by Design Symposium, PACRIM IV, An International Conference on Advanced Ceramics and Glasses, November 4-8, Wailea, Maui, Hawaii, Nov. 2001. [Download PDF]
[8] P. D. Zavattieri and H. D. Espinosa,  "Ballistic penetration of  multi-layered ceramic/steel targets", poster presented at the  APS Meeting on Shock Wave and Condensed Matter, Snowbird,  UT, June 27 to July 2, 1999. Proceedings, pp. 1117-1120, [Download PDF]
[7] H. D. Espinosa and P. D. Zavattieri, “Modeling of ceramic  microstructures: dynamic damage initiation and evolution", Invited paper presented at the APS Meeting on Shock Wave and Condensed  Matter, Snowbird, UT, June 27 to July 2, 1999, Proceedings, pp. 333-338. (Invited  Key Talk) [Download PDF]
[6] G. C. Buscaglia, E. A. Dari and P. D. Zavattieri, "Mesh  optimization: Some results in 3D elasticity", Elasticite,  Viscoelasticite; et Controle Optimal, ESAIM: Proc. 2, pp. 1-16.   Lyon, France, 1997. [Download PDF]
[5]  H. D. Espinosa, H-C. Lu, S. Dwivedi and P. D. Zavattieri, "A  finite deformation anisotropic plasticity model for fiber reinforced  composites", in Proc. of 12th Annual Technical Conf. of the American  Society for Composites, edited by Ronald F. Gibson and Golam M.  Newaz, pp. 429-441, Dearborn, MI, 1997. [Download PDF]
[4] H. D. Espinosa, G. Yuan, S. Dwivedi and P. D. Zavattieri,  "Numerical study of penetration in ceramic targets with a  multiple-plane model", Proc. of 97 APS topic Conf. of Shock  Compression of Condensed Matter-1997, edited by S.C. Schmidt,  D.P. Dandekar and J.W. Forbes, pp. 901-904, Amherst, MA,  July 27 -  Aug. 1, 1997.
[3] N. S. Brar, H. D. Espinosa, G. Yuan and P. D. Zavattieri,  "Experimental study of interface defeat in confined ceramic targets", APS topic Shock Compression of Condensed Matter-1997, edited by S.C. Schmidt,  D.P. Dandekar and J.W. Forbes, pp. 497-500,  Amherst, MA,  July 27- Aug. 1, 1997.
[2] H. D. Espinosa, P. D. Zavattieri, and G. L. Emore, "Computational  modeling of geometric and material nonlinearities with application  to impact damage in brittle failure", in Advances in Failure  Mechanisms in Brittle Materials, edited by R.J.  Clifton, and  H.D. Espinosa, ASME Winter Annual Meeting, pp. 119-161,  Atlanta, GA, Nov. 17-22, 1996. [Download PDF] 
[1] G. C. Buscaglia, E. A. Dari and P. D. Zavattieri, "Mesh Optimization in three dimensions", IV Congreso de Mecanica  Computacional, MECOM'94, Vol. 14, 505-511, Mar del Plata, Argentina, Nov. 1994.  

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