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>> 12/16/2017: Happy to see that an idea that started 7 years ago and my first NSF project  is giving fruits and getting close to reality [Link]

>> 11/28/2017: Congratulations to PhD candidate Hadi Esmaeli for sucessfully passing his prelim, Chanhue Jeong for sucessfully defending his MS thesis and Isaias Gallana for defending his doctorate degree. Hadi-Chan-Isaias
>> 09/22/2017: Congratulations to our graduate students, Alvaro, Di, Hadi, and Krisstiaan for being receipients of various awards and fellowships:
  • Alvaro Garnica: Lynn Fellowship
  • Di Wang: William and Mary Goetz Graduate Scholarship in Civil Engineering
  • Hadi Shagerdi Esmaeli: William L. Dolch Graduate Scholarship
  • Kristiaan Hector: Purdue Doctoral Fellowship.
Fall 2017 Awards
>> 09/07/2017: Seminar (Sept. 7) by Dr. Louis Hector from General Motors Research and Development, KS Fu room, Potter 234, Purdue. [link] Lou
>> 08/04/2017: Congratulations to   Yunlan Zhang  for receiving the 2017 SURF Best Mentor award.The purpose of the award is to recognize Purdue graduate student mentors who have provided exceptional guidance and instruction to undergraduate researchers in the SURF program.  [Link].

>> 07/13/2017: Prof. Zavattieri delivers an invited talk at the NSF Workshop on Additive Manufacturing for Civil Infrastructure Design and Construction (July 13-14, 2017). [Link] Zavattieri
>> 06/27/2017: Seminar: Questioning in Research: A Practical Guide to Havve Cooperative and Constructive Argumentative Dialogue [Link to Presentation in]

>> 06/18/2017: New paper by Nobphadon Suksangpanya on Crack Twisting in naturally-occuring Bouligand Structures [Link to PDF]
Twisting Cracks
>> 06/05/2017: 3D Printing Drives Applied Research at Purdue. An article by Stratasys [Link][PDF]
>> 05/31/2017: New paper by Enrique Escobar de Obaldia and Chanhue Jeong about Mechanisms of deformation/damage and biomimetic design of the crossed lamellar structures of the Conch [Link to Paper] Strombus
>> 05/08/2017: Congratulations to Nobphadon Suksangpanya   who is the recipient of the Fall 2016 Civil Engineering Best Dissertation Award! Nobphadon
>> 04/06/201&: Sagarika Jetley and Gordon Jarrold featured in the Spring 2017 Civil Engineering Impact Magazine showing their work on phase transforming materials. [PDF][Web] Sagarika and Goredon
>> 04/05/2017: Special Thanks to the Purdue Latino Cultural Center for listing Prof. Zavattieri in their Latinx Orgullo—Latinx Pride web site [Link] LCC
>> 04/01/2017: LifeOlogy @Purdue, a series of stories based on the diversity of life (which includes our work on the Mantis Shrimp).[Link]
>> 03/24/2017: Purdue MSE Seminar Professor Pablo D. Zavattieri, "High performance naturally occurring materials: The role of architecture" Fricay March 24 @ 3:30pm ARMS 1010  [Link]

MSE Seminar
>> 02/22/2017: Our NSF-funded team on Cement 3D Printing is already producing Controlled Microstructural Architectures [NSF description]

Picture(from left to right): Joe Biernacki, Tennessee Technological Universit, Jeff Youngblood, Purdue University
Jan Olek, Purdue University, Florence Sanchez, Vanderbilt University, Pablo Zavattieri, Purdue University

3D printing team

>> 02/22/2017: our 2015 Additive Manufacturing review paper (in collaboration with others at Purdue) is one of the 10 most cited papers in Computer Aided Design Journal [Link] 3D print paper
>> 12/08/2016: Our work featured in the Discovery Magazine: Deform to Perform: A Different Take On Programmable Matter [Discovery Magazine] Programmable Cellular Materials
>> 11/28/2016: ‘Programmable materials’ showing future potential for industry [Purdue] [Research@Purdue] [] [PhysicsWorld] [YouTube]

>> 11/28/2016: Congratulations to Nobphadon Suksangpanya for successfully defending his PhD thesis!! [Pic 1] [Pic 2] Nobphadon PhD Thesis
>> 11/21/2016: Solid Mechanics Seminar at Brown University this coming Monday. "Architectured Materials Inspired by Nature"
>> 11/15/2016: "Designing Architectured Materials: Evolution vs. Intelligent Design". Surf Presentation done on June 19, 2016. Now available in nanoHUB.   [Link]
>> 11/10/2016: Tweet from @PurdueEngineers featuring a video of our PXCM materials [Link]
>> 11/01/2016: Our Team was named one of the 2016 HIVE 100 Innovators (named by the Hanley Wood Editorial). In recognition of the pioneering, disrupting and transforming work on nano-cellulose reinforced cements. [Link to the article] CNC_Cement
>> 11/01/2016: Nice article in the Purdue Exponent newspaper about Prof. Zavattieri's Science on Tap Talk [Link] Exponent
>> 10/27/2016: Science on Tap featuring Prof. Zavattieri, Engineering 2.0: Millions of Years of Trial and Error Making High-Performance Materials SoT
>> 10/14/2016: Purdue Engineering Discovery magazine: Undergrads create energy-absorbing materials.

Undergraduate students
>> 9/19/2016: Congratulations to Nicolas Guarin-Zapata who has been chosen as the recipient of the 2016 William L. Dolch Graduate Scholarship. This is a merit based scholarship for graduate student enrolled in the Lyles School of Civil Engineering and pursuing an advanced degree in the area of materials.
>> 09/19/2016: Our work on Shape Memory Polymer-based Programmable Cellular Materials has been published in the International Journal of Solids and Structures (IJSS) in two parts. [Part I] [Part II] PCM
>> 08/17/2016: Our work on the new architectured found in the Mantis Shrimp ("A Sinusoidally Architected Helicoidal Biocomposite") made the cover in Advanced Materials.

Adv. Mater.
>> 08/13/2016: Our work on "Competing mechanism in the wear resistance behavior of biomineralized rod-like microstructures" has been published in the Journal of the Mechanics and Physics of Solids [Link to PDF] JMPS_Chiton
>> 08/11/2016: Congratulations to Hadi Shagerdi esmaeeli who is the recipient of the 2016 Nellie Munson Teaching Assistant Award. Hadi
>> 08/05/2016: Congratulations to John Cleveland (UG SURF student) for receiving the 2016 SURF Award of Excellence (Top Research Talk) at SURF Research Symposium for his talk on "Mechanical Investigation of Phase-Transforming Cellular and Origami Materials"
[Link] [Pic 1][Pic 2]
John Cleveland
>> 06/06/2016:  Materials Today article "Shrimp 'smasher' leads to new super-strong materials" features our Advanced Materials paper.

Materials Today
>> 06/01/2016: TV Interview (WLFI)

>> 06/01/2016: Our Advanced Materials Paper was featured in different places.
[Purdue]: Possibly unique design feature discovered in mantis shrimp
[Science Daily]: Mantis shrimp inspires next generation of ultra-strong materials
[]:Mantis shrimp inspires next generation of ultra-strong materials
[3Ders]:Ultra-strong 3D printed material inspired by natural herringbone pattern on mantis shrimp
[Design News]:Mantis Shrimp Inspire Next-Gen, Super-Strong Composites
[Washington Post]:Scientists crack mystery of shrimp packing such a punch it can split your thumb

>> 05/30/2016: Nicolas Guarin's paper "A Sinusoidally Architected Helicoidal Biocomposite" in collaboration with David Kisailus' and Joanna McKittrick's groups has been published in Advanced Materials. [Download PDF] AdvMat
>> 05/11/2016: Our 2015 SURF student Nadia Aljabi  (together with her mentor David Restrepo) was featured in the Civil Engineering IMPACT magazine  "Undergraduate student discover her role as researcher" (<- Click to open the article).

[Link to the magazine]

>> 05/02/2016: Press release about our collaboration with Akif Tezcan from UCSD.

Auxetic Protein Crystals PR
>> 05/02/2016: Our work on auxetic protein crystals in collaboration with Akif Tezcan has been published in Nature. [Link to the Paper]

Nature Cover
>> 04/04/2016: Congratulations to Vanessa Restrepo  who sucessfully defended her MS thesis.   
>> 03/30/2016: 3D Printed Material Saves Energy. A nice article about our work on Phase Transforming Cellular Materials (PXCMs) writen by Nancy S. Giges for the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME). [Link]
ASME article
>> 03/29/2016: Congratulations to David Restrepo  who is the recipient of the Fall 2015 Civil Engineering Best Dissertation Award! David
>> 01/07/2016: Fernando Cordisco's paper on patterned interfaces is now published in the International Journal of Solids and Structures [Link to paper]


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