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Welcome to Professor Michael D. Sangid's research webpage for the Advanced Computational Materials and Experimental Evaluation (ACME) Laboratory in the School of Aeronautics and Astronautics at Purdue University.  Research in the ACME lab combines knowledge of materials science, solid mechanics, and advanced manufacturing to solve complex problems in materials behavior and processing.

In our research, we employ physics-based computational modeling and design tools, which are experimentally validated and verified.  We aim to improve our understanding and our tools for designing, processing, and lifing materials through simulation-based modeling of the microstructural defects.  Many times, it is necessary to start at the defect and microstructural level to gain a quantifiable understanding of the deformation and failure mechanisms at component scales, while exercising the most advanced characterization and interrogation methods at each scale to verify and validate predictions of the simulations, including four dimensional mapping of ‘defect’ features, strain fields, and complex stress states within the material.  The ACME group simultaneously addresses fundamental research needs and implements this knowledge into an integrated model that can directly aid in and transform the design methodology providing pragmatic engineering solutions.  The uniqueness of our modeling approach is that it avoids fitting parameters prevalent in classical engineering models, while providing a general framework, which allows: (1) Easy integration and modification of software, (2) Uncertainty quantification and probabilistic lifing, and (3) Pragmatic tools to answer production questions.

Thus, the ACME group combines computational modeling, simulations, characterization, experiments, and theory to solve theoretical and complex applied problems in Aerospace materials.

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For more information including an extended CV, please email
 Prof. Michael D. Sangid.

In this website you will find an overview of ACME current projects and facilities, as well as information about our group members.  Finally, in Greek, ACME (ακμή) denotes the peak, zenith, prime, or best and we will continually strive to live up to the quality of research.   

Advanced Computational Materials and Experimental Evaluation Lab

Armstrong Hall of Engineering

School of Aeronautics and Astronautics at Purdue University

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