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1. Sangid MD, Stori JA, Ferreira PM, “Process characterization of vibrostrengthening and application to fatigue enhancement of aluminum aerospace components – Part I.  Experimental study of process parameters,” The International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology 53 545-560 (2011).

Peer Reviewed Conference Proceedings:

12.  Daniel J. Chadwick, Siavash Ghanbari, David F. Bahr, Michael D. Sangid. "Mechanism of shot peening enhancement for the fatigue performance of AA7050."  13th International Conference on Shot Peening.  Montreal, Canada, Sept 18-21, 2017.

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Non-Reviewed Conference Publications:

1. Michael D. Sangid, John F. Matlik, “A better way to engineer aerospace components,” Aerospace America March 40-43 (2016).


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