Co-Curricular Events


Future Postdoc Seminar

The Future Postdoc Seminar is hosted by a postdoc in our department and covers both how to find/apply for postdoc positions, as well as what life as a postdoc is like. It provides great information for graduate students hoping to find a postdoc position after graduation. Traditionally, this seminar is an open discussion between the presenter and attendees to allow students to gain as much as they can out of the experience.

Due to COVID-19, the seminar was held via WebEx this year. The recording of the virtual seminar is available here.

Future Faculty Seminar

The Future Faculty Seminar, similar to the Future Postdoc Seminar, provides our graduate students with the opportunity to learn more about finding and applying for faculty positions from a faculty member in our department. It is a great resource for students looking to pursue a career in academia. This seminar also follows a discussion format, so the students can learn as much as they can and engage with the speaker.


Truth and Beauty Seminar

In the Truth and Beauty Seminar, a faculty member in our department discusses a science or technology related topic of general interest. This seminar provides an opportunity for students to learn about things happening in STEM outside of the research/scope of our own department.


GSO Symposium – Poster Session

Every year GSO holds a Symposium to allow students to feature the research they have done during their time here. Part of this Symposium includes a poster session, where about 30 posters from various research groups and topic areas are covered. Posters are focused on either individual research projects, or on the overall research focus of the research group. The poster session is a great opportunity for the presenters to display their work and interact with industry representatives. It is also a chance for incoming students to learn about the work being done by various groups, and to connect with older graduate students.