Purdue Chemical Engineering Graduate Student Organization

The Chemical Engineering Graduate Student Organization (ChE GSO) has three main objectives:
  • - To provide a link between students and faculty
  • - To aid in the professional growth of graduate students
  • - To foster a sense of community in the School of Chemical Engineering

Upcoming Events

  • - Pint Night, Friday 19th October. Contact: Ayşe
  • - Murdock After School Science Club, Monday 29th October. Contact: Aidan
  • - GSO Shared Shelf, Friday 9th November. Contact: Ayşe
  • - Winterization, Saturday 10th November. Contact: Aidan

Feedback Form

To provide suggestions and comments about any aspect of the Chemical Engineering department or graduate school (such as the graduate program or safety concerns), please fill out this anonymous form here!.

Meeting Minutes

We record our weekly/biweekly meeting contents here. Please click here if you would like to know about our meetings.