Trevor Lardinois

Graduate Research Assistant

Advised by Professors Rajamani Gounder and Fabio Ribeiro.

Professional Networks



University of Wisonsin - Madison, B.S. Chemical Engineering (2012 - 2016)
Technical University of Vienna, Study Abroad (2016)
Purdue University, Ph.D. Chemical Engineering (2016 - present)



  • Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award – Purdue University (2018)
  • Ross Fellowship – Purdue University (2016)
  • Melby Scholarship - UW-Madison (2016)
  • Eugene and Patricia Kreger Herscher Scholarship – UW-Madison (2014 & 2015)
  • Engineering Great People Scholarship – UW-Madison (2014)

Project Description

Government-regulated NOx emission standards now challenge mobile engine catalytic converter technologies to operate over a wider range of temperatures, specifically during initial cold-start or low-load operation where converter temperatures are below the operating window (<473 K). Pd-exchanged zeolites have emerged as potential solutions that passively adsorb NOx (PNA) at low temperatures and desorb at temperatures compatible with downstream converters. Here, we focus on how tuning the zeolite material properties (e.g., framework, Al density and arrangement, dimensionality) influences the types and amounts of Pd species for passive NOx adsorption under realistic gas phase conditions.