Purdue Catalysis Center

The Purdue Catalysis Center (PCC) is a highly interactive association of the research groups of Professors Rakesh Agrawal, Nicholas Delgass, Rajamani Gounder, Jeffrey Greeley, Christina Li, Jeffrey Miller, Fabio Ribeiro.

  • Welcome to the Purdue Catalysis Center!
  • Welcome to the Purdue Catalysis Center!
  • Welcome to the Purdue Catalysis Center!


  • PCC Alumni Symposium to be held in DLR Room 131 on Saturday March 25, 10a-3p. [Schedule Link]
  • ACS Spring Meeting to be held from March 26-30 at Indianapolis, IN. [Registration Link]
  • Prof. Enrique Iglesia will give a seminar to the PCC on Monday April 17, 4:30-6p (Room G124).

Mission Statement

The mission of the Purdue Catalysis Center is to:
  • Promote quality and innovative research in the area of catalysis
  • Serve as a platform for collaborative research efforts fostering the interaction between industry, national labs, and academia.
  • Educate a new generation of catalysis researchers in the theory and best practices of catalytic science.


Advances in catalysis will be driven by design of increasingly selective active sites, enabled by new synthesis chemistries, detailed chemical and kinetic characterization, and strong guidance from theory. To achieve this, we have built a team with experts in the following areas:

Area of Expertise Goal
Materials synthesis Achieve well-defined active sites of specified composition, geometry, and spatial positioning
Catalyst characterization Observe local chemistry of active sites and their interaction with adsorbed and reaction molecules, ideally in operando
Chemical kinetics Propose sequence of elementary reaction steps and describe both steady state and dynamic response data
Electronic structure calculations Test “picture” of catalytic reaction, use trends to predict optimum catalysts, compute energies that are hard to measure
The Purdue Catalysis Center is uniquely positioned to push this research frontier forward and eager to bring its strengths to address new catalytic challenges.