Abhijit Talpade

Graduate Research Assistant

Co-advised by Professors Fabio Ribeiro and W. Nicholas Delgass

Professional Networks




  • Institute of Chemical Technology, Junior Research Fellow (2014 - 2015)
  • Privi Organics Pvt. Ltd., Summer Intern (June - July 2011)


  • Indian Society for Technical Education-IPCL Best Masters’ Thesis Award in Chemical Engineering (2nd Prize)
  • Recipient of Shree Mangalyam Drugs & Organics Ltd. Endowment for securing highest marks in Masters of Chemical Engineering (Semesters I and II)
  • Recipient of UGC Fellowship for pursuing Masters in Chemical Engineering

About Me

I hail from Mumbai, India. Before joining Purdue, I completed my Masters in Chemical Engineering from the Institute of Chemical Technology, Mumbai. While I was pursuing my Masters, I researched the synthesis of 5-Hydroxymethylfurfural (HMF) and its selective hydrogenation to 2,5-dimethylfuran under the guidance of Prof. G. D. Yadav. Following my Masters, I worked for a year as a Junior Research Fellow at Institute of Chemical Technology, Mumbai. During this time, I worked on an industrial project titled "Investigation of properties of molten salts as heat storage medium".

In my free time, I love playing soccer, cycling, watching movies and hanging out with friends. I also love to cook and like to explore different cuisines.

Project Description

Applications of heterogeneous catalysts to conversion of biomass to chemicals and fuels.

  • Identify catalytic and fast-pyrolytic pathways that utilize xylan, cellulose, and, most significantly, lignin.
  • We develop catalytic processes that deoxygenate and transform monomers and isolated polymers into useful products and tested their use with intact biomass.
  • Increase the energy density of biomass-derived substrates via catalytic and pyrolytic conversions into reaction products such as furfural and levoglucosan.
  • Work on strategies to increase the chain length of the hydrocarbon products produced directly from biomass, with a greater percentage of the products being in the C6+ range.
  • Develop new chemistries to make hydrocarbons from different chemical platform molecules, increasing the number of useful biomass reaction products.


  • Talpade, A. D., Ghanekar, P., Ezenwa, S., Joshi, R., Kravitz, S., Tunga, A., Devaraj, J., Ribeiro, F. H., Mentzer, R. (2021) Promoting a Safe Laboratory Environment Using the Reactive Hazard Evaluation and Analysis Compilation Tool. ACS Chem. Health Saf. [Link]
  • Zhu Chen, J., Talpade, A., Canning, G. A., Probus, P. R., Ribeiro, F. H., Datye, A. K., Miller, J. T. (2020) Strong Metal-Support Interaction (SMSI) of Pt/CeO2 and Its Effect on Propane Dehydrogenation. Catalysis Today [Link]