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Two farmers and child at sunset

Rural Indiana Safer Kids

Careful Country Racoon
Welcome to the IRSHC kids' page. There are many free resources, activities and downloads available here to help you learn about safety and have fun at the same time.

Coloring/Activity books and pages

There are many different coloring books available for printing online. Use the following links to view and print the activity book you want.
Teachers'/Parents' note: If you would like to obtain coloring books for your students/children, look at our resource page.

Coloring pages online

If you are at a computer and you would like to color pages without printing, then use our online coloring book. It contains many pictures taken from the different activity books on this web site!
Careful Country Racoon

Careful Country

The Careful Country activity book follows the Careful Country farm families: the Racoons, Hogs, Cattle and Dogs. These neighbors interact on and around their farms as they learn about safe practices with farm equipment and animals, safe places and times to play and many others. Includes crossword puzzle, word search and additional resource information.
Download the PDF  Careful Country in PDF format
Careful Country Racoon

Weeds in Our Garden

The Weeds in Our Garden activity book was prepared especially with the Amish community in mind. The publication addresses child safety in a Biblical context for use in Amish or Old Order communities.
Download the PDF  Weeds in our Garden in PDF format
Careful Country Racoon

Safety on the Farm

Follow the entertaining farmer character through many mis-adventures during his work, illustrating what can happen if safety is not practiced. Includes Summaries of tractor accidents, forrage harvester dangers as well as other common dangers.
The material used in the creation of this delightful activity book was originally produced by the Farm Safety Association of Ontario, Canada.
Download the PDF  Safety on the Farm in PDF format
Careful Country Racoon

Driveline Safety Coloring Book

This publication from the Walterscheid corporation contains many pictures of safe practices around drivelines (also known as power-take-off or PTO shafts) on large equipment such as tractors.

Word search

The wordsearch game challenges you to find the words, hidden within a bunch of other letters. Try to beat your own time!
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