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Educational Resources

Partners for a Safer Community

This easy-to-use guide is designed to assist individuals in locating up-to-date educational materials relating to a variety of safety and health interests for use by FFA Chapters in promoting safer and healthier communities. Resource listings have been divided into subject areas and then categorized by medium as either "Print," "Audiovisual," or "Other." Each entry provides a short description of the product, its source, estimated cost, length, date of production, and order number, when available.

Resource Suppliers

Download the PDF   2005 Partners' Guide (Downloadable)


Farm Family Safety and Health Workshop

This Leader's Guide is designed to assist you in organizing farm safety and health workshops in your local community. Whether you are planning a program for children, farm operators, or a general program for the entire family, many of the steps required for a successful workshop remain the same. The Leader's Guide provides insights on obtaining community support for your program, and provides a plan of action for organizing and conducting farm safety workshops. In addition, recommendations for potential resources such as videos and publications appropriate for particular audiences are included, as are instructions for conducting various demonstrations that illustrate the dangers of certain farm activities.

Farm Family Safety and Health Workshop Online

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