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Farm Family Safety and Health Workshop  Revised edition

Chapter 4: Identifying Needed Equipment

Audio-Visual Equipment

The type of audio visual (A/V) equipment required depends upon the format of the program and the material to be covered. Also, the size of the group and the facilities will impact the choice of equipment. A VCR or DVD player and monitor are almost always needed for lecture-style workshop presentations because of the wide range of instructional materials available on videocassette.

The following A/V equipment will be sufficient for most types of programs.
  • VHS videocassette or DVD player and monitor. You should have one monitor for every 30 to 40 people.
  • Overhead projector
  • PowerPoint (computer) projector
  • Large projection screen
  • Portable microphone and loudspeaker (for auditoriums or outside programs with large groups)
  • Three-prong (grounded) extension cords

Farm Equipment for Demonstrations

Utilizing equipment in safety demonstrations helps participants visualize the concepts being presented. The types of farm equipment required will depend on the topics selected for the program and the type of farming done in your community. The following types of machinery are commonly used for workshops, and are appropriate for the sample demonstrations described in Chapter 9.

  • Older model tractor, without ROPS or other safety equipment
  • Newer tractor with safety features, including ROPS or cab, SMV emblem, lights, and PTO master shield
  • PTO-driven implement for entanglement demonstration (e.g., rotary mower, post hole digger)
  • Additional machinery (optional, depending on your program)
    Combine with corn or grain head
  • Gravity flow grain wagon
  • Grain auger or elevator
  • Manure spreader, hay baler, or other PTO-operated machines common to your area

Coordinating Equipment for Presenters

Before your program, contact all speakers to determine their A/V and other equipment needs. For workshops held at schools or other locations where such equipment is available, be sure to reserve the equipment in advance. The following is a sample form that can be used when confirming equipment needs with your workshop presenters.

Form Acrobat (.PDF) Word (.DOC)
Presenter Planning Form Download PDF download Download MS Word doc download
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