Alexandra Boltasseva, Assistant Professor


University of Pennsylvania:

Title: Self-assembly of nanostructures of alternative plasmonic materials
Collaborating Professor: Chris Murray
Purdue Researchers: Jongbum Kim, Aveek Dutta

Short Description: Many materials other than gold and silver exhibit plasmonic properties in the visible and near-infrared. Transparent conducting oxides (TCOs) and metal nitrides are such materials which exhibit good plasmonic properties in this spectral range. Large synthesis of nanostructures of these materials is important for plasmonic applications in medicine, chemical sensing and local heating. Self-assembly is a cheap method of producing large arrays of nanostructures with precise control on the dimensions of the array. Hence, self-assembly of plasmonic nanostructures would be explored in this project.

University of Pennsylvania:

Title: Epsilon-near-zero applications of transparent conducting oxides
Collaborating Professor: Nader Engheta
Purdue Researchers: Jongbum Kim, Aveek Dutta

Short Description: Transparent conducting oxides (TCOs) are materials that exhibit plasmonic properties in the near-infrared and dielectric properties in the visible. At some frequency in the near-infrared, TCOs change from being dielectric to metallic. This frequency is called plasma wavelength. Near the plasma frequency, the permittivity of TCOs is small and hence, behave as epsilon-near-zero (ENZ) materials. ENZ materials are know to exhibit unique properties such as producing sharp optical beams and isolating on-chip nanophotonic components from cross-talks. This project aims at exploring applications based on ENZ properties of TCOs to produce nanophotonic devices.

University of Michigan:

Title: Alternative plasmonic materials: Transmission-electron-microscopy studies on the plasmonic properties
Collaborating Professor: Ted Norris
Purdue Researcher: Urcan Guler

Short Description: TEM can be used to map electric field distribution in plasmonic nanostructures. In this project, TEM studies will be performed on nanostructures of TCOs and metal nitride films.

Technical University of Denmark:

Title: THz plasmonic applications of TCOs
Collaborating Professors: Andrei Lavrinenko, Peter Uhd Jepsen, Radu Malureanu
Purdue Researcher: Simeon Bogdanov

Short Description: THz characterization of films of TCOs in order to understand the effects of doping, grain size and crystal defects on the optical properties.

Norfolk State University:

Title: Investigation of the nonlinear properties of alternative plasmonic materials
Collaborating Professors: Dr. Carl Bonner, Dr. Mikhail Noginov
Purdue Researcher: Nate Kinsey

Short Description: An investigation into the third order nonlinear processes of titanium nitride, an important alternative plasmonic material.

University of Southern Denmark:

Title: Long Range Plasmonic Waveguides using Alternative plasmonic materials
Collaborating Professor: Dr. Sergey Bozhevolnyi
Purdue Researcher: Nate Kinsey

Short Description: The fabrication, testing, and optimization of TiN based plasmonic waveguides which provide superior modal confinement as well as propagation length.