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May 2018: It's not all hard work. Sometimes we simply get together and enjoy each others' company. :-)

April 2018: "Switch controls light on a nanoscale for faster information processing", Purdue News

April 2018: Our paper Low-loss plasmon-assisted electro-optic modulator came out in NATURE.

April 2018: "Researchers at Purdue, Stanford devise novel ultrafast laser beam steering for autonomous cars that is less complex, uses less power", Purdue University, Research Foundation News.

January 2018: Our paper Optical Time Reversal from Time-Dependent Epsilon-Near-Zero Media came out in Phys. Rev. Letters.

January 2018: Our paper Hybrid Plasmonic Bullseye Antennas for Efficient Photon Collection came out in ACS Photonics.

January 2018: A paper to which we contributed, Engineered nonlinear materials using gold nanoantenna array, came out in Scientific Reports.

December 2017: Our paper Dynamic Control of Nanocavities with Tunable Metal Oxides came out in Nano Letters.

November 2017: Check out our newly granted US patent System and method for manipulation of particles (US 9778400 B2)

November 2017: Our paper Nanolasers Enabled by Metallic Nanoparticles: From Spasers to Random Lasers came out in Laser & Photonics Reviews.

November 2017: Our paper Surface-plasmon opto-magnetic field enhancement for all-optical magnetization switching came out in Optical Materials Express.

September 2017: Our paper Patterned multilayer metamaterial for fast and efficient photon collection from dipolar emitters came out in Optics Letters.

September 26, 2017: Metamaterials, quantum computers, and ultrathin lenses: what nanophotonics is doing - an interview on the fringes of IV International Conference on Quantum Technologies (in Russian).

September 2017: Our paper Universal features of the optical properties of ultrathin plasmonic films came out in Optical Materials Express.

August 2017: World's Leading Physicist Says Quantum Computers Are "Tools of Destruction, Not Creation". I don't quite agree: see a thought provoking discussion touching upon the topic of the eternal struggle of good and evil on the emerging stage of quantum computing.

August 2017: Our paper Material platforms for integrated quantum photonics is among most downloaded articles from Optical Material Express in July 2017.

July 2017: Congratulations to our research team member Mikhail (Misha) Shalaginov for successful defense of his PhD work entitled "Novel plasmonic materials and nanodevices for integrated quantum photonics". Misha (standing between the youngest team members Michelle and Alice in the picture below) will be soon joining J.J. Hu Photonic Materials Group at MIT as a Postdoctoral Associate. Click on the pick to view its larger version.

July 2017: Check out my recent interview, where I share my personal thoughts about science, non-science and science fiction among other things.

June 2017: Our paper Electron spin contrast of Purcell-enhanced nitrogen-vacancy ensembles in nanodiamonds came out Phys. Rev. B.

July 2017: Our paper Material platforms for integrated quantum photonics is among most downloaded articles from Optical Material Express in June 2017.

June 2017: Our paper Controlling hybrid nonlinearities in transparent conducting oxides via two-colour excitation came out in Nature Communications.

June 2017: Check out our newly published Science Prospective article Applying plasmonics to a sustainable future.

The article was highlighted in a Purdue press release Plasmonics could bring sustainable society, desalination tech, which was picked up by various science/tech news outlets.

Prof. V. Shalaev

Vladimir M. Shalaev - The Robert and Anne Burnett Distinguished Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Purdue University

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Birck Nanotechnology Center
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The video below describes in some detail nanophotonics effort led by Professors V. Shalaev, A Boltasseva, and A. Kildishev at Purdue's Birck Nanotechnology Center.

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May 2017: Our paper Optical Properties of Plasmonic Ultrathin TiN Films came out in Advanced Optical Materials.

May 2017: Check out our newly published CLEO 2017 papers

May 2017: Our paper Material platforms for integrated quantum photonics is among most downloaded articles from Optical Material Express in April 2017.

May 2017: Our paper Hybrid plasmonic waveguides formed by metal coating of dielectric ridges came out in Optics Express.

May 2017: Former and current group members gathered on the occasion of the Commencement Ceremony for some of the group alumni.

In front of Purdue's Birck Nanotechno-
logy Center (BNC)

In the lobby of the BNC

April 2017: Our group member Mikhail Shalaginov has received the 2017 College of Engineering Outstanding Graduate Student Research Award. This prestigious award goes to students who demonstrated excellence and leadership in research through publications, participation in professional organizations, and willingness to mentor others. This year 2 graduate students (out of 700+) from the School of Electrical & Computer Engineering were chosen for this award.

April 25, 2017: Our paper Pancharatnam-Berry Phase Manipulating Metasurface for Visible Color Hologram Based on Low Loss Silver Thin Film came out in Advanced Optical Materials