AAE 520:  Experimental Aerodynamics

(Please Note that Prof. J. Jewell will begin teaching this course in Spring 2021.  Prof. S. Schneider will no longer teach this course.  Please address questions about 2021 to Prof. Jewell.)


Click for general information about the course   Click for Spring 2021 Lab Schedule for Preplanned Labs

Click for Outline of Schedule for First Eight Weeks  Click for map of labs at Aerospace Sciences Lab


Background Information from Previous Years

    (authored by Prof. Sullivan; much is taken from various websites):

Uncertainty and System Response

Phase Sensitive Detection

Wind Tunnels
Wind Tunnel Balance
Pressure Measurements
Hot Wires

Flow Visualization
Optical Flow Visualization

Laser Doppler Velocimeter

Particle Image Velocimeter


Preplanned Labs

1: Turbulence and Wakes

    Click for lab handout  Click for scope info  Click for hot-wire info  Click for MDO3014 scope manual

    Click for new Tek 3014 digital scope quick reference info   Click for introductory info   Best report 2004

    Click for anemometer manual  Click for introduction to power spectra  Click for multimeter manual

    Click for quick reference info for new Tektronix scope  Click for tekread.m  Click for Tekread pdf

    Click for isfread.m for Matlab to read data from MDO3014 scope, similar to tekread.m

    Click for Tektronix oscilloscope primer  Click for Tektronix primer on computing power spectra with scope

2: Forebodies at High Angle of Attack with Laser Doppler Velocimeter (LDV) in Water Tunnel

    Click for Introductory Slides  Click for Image of LDV Probe Volume

    Click for LDV introduction  Click for water tunnel manual  Click for instrumentation drawings

    Click for Prof. Sullivan's notes re LDV  Click for Circular Cylinder Model, Alternate to Cone

    Click for sketch of LDV apparatus  Best report 2004  Sample report 2004  Click for F-18 flow viz  Best report 2018

3: Shock/Boundary-Layer Interaction at Mach 2.0, 2.5 or 3.6

    Click for introductory info   Best student report from 2004  Best student report from 2005

    Click for 37MB NACA report, to be used for comparisons   Click for Batcho paper  

    Click for Batcho color graphic   Click for wind tunnel and instrumentation info

    Click for some operational details for supersonic tunnel

    Click for a description of schlieren systems (copyrighted, need password)



Projects (the 8 week project will follow the preplanned labs)

    Introduction to Projects  Schedule and Info for Projects  Collicott's suggested topics (2005)  

     Click for Rules for Use of Laboratory    Click for AIAA 92-4018 with Wind Tunnel Descriptions (passwd needed)

    List for 2004   Note: The Boeing 4x6 ft subsonic tunnel is again operational.

    List for 2005        It is very useful for projects. See below for manual and MS thesis documentation.

    List for 2006           

    List for 2007   Note: The 12-inch Ludwieg tube is no longer available.

    List for 2008      In 2016 it was sold to the University of Arizona.  It had not been

    List for 2009      used for several years and the space was needed for other purposes.

    List for 2010  

    List for 2011

    List for 2012 

    List for 2013

    List for 2014

    List for 2015

    List for 2016

    List for 2017

    List for 2018

    List for 2019

    List for 2020
    How to find the existing literature


Click for design report on possible future free piston shock tunnel

Click for 20MB report, transonic Schlieren images in cookie-cutter test section of shock tube

For a classical and introductory approach to the analysis of experimental uncertainty, see

  ‘Describing Uncertainties in Single-Sample Experiments’, by Kline and McClintock,

    in the ASME journal Mechanical Engineering, vol. 75, Jan. 1953, pp. 3-8.

Laboratory Report Format
Labview Manuals
Conversion Table

Information on the Boeing Subsonic Wind Tunnel
    Claire Diffey MS Thesis (Purdue 2019)   password protected
    Boeing Subsonic Wind Tunnel Manual    password protected

Link to High Quality Films teaching Fluid Mechanics, from 1960's (check also the Purdue library)

Flow Calculators

    NACA 1135 Compressible Flow Calculator (Excel Program)
    NACA 1135 Report ( PDF) Equations, Tables and Charts for Compressible Flow

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Lab Office: Aerospace Sciences Lab 13B
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