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Teaching is an integral part of the uSMART group. Dr. Hua Cai is an IMPACT fellow. She currently teaches these courses:

Dr. Cai with IE 343 students in WALC

IE 343 - Engineering Economics (usually fall semester)
CE 355 (EEE 355) - Engineering Environmental Sustainability (usually spring semester)
EEE 560 - The Internet of Sustainability (1 credit module co-taught with Dr. Chad Jafvert, usually offered in the fall semester)
EEE 595 / IE 590 - Transportation, Energy, and Sustainability (offered selected spring semesters)
IE 590 - Urban Mobility Optimization (offered selected spring semesters)





Watch this 1-minute video featuring Dr. Cai's IE 343 course in the Wilmeth Active Learning Center (WALC):