Sung Geun Kim

OMEN Nanowire: time/memory estimation for various size of nanowires

OMEN Nanowire: time/memory table Sung Geun Kim, Mathieu Luisier, Gerhard Klimeck


  • Running simulations for different cross-section and length of nanowire on Steele cluster (
  • Extracting memory/time estimation for different CPU per energy point(CPP)


  • Estimate memory/time usage for OMEN Nanowire ( user


  • Memory/time estimation increases linearly to the length of the nanowire (Fig. 1).
  • When memory estimation is larger than 2GB, the walltime increases non-linearily (Fig. 2) due to usage of swap memory. (CPP should be increased)
  • Memory/time estimation increases quadratically to the cross section of the nanowire (Fig. 3).

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