Seung Hyun Park

Anistotropic Hyperfine Interaction

Anistotropic Hyperfine Interaction (AHF) Seung Hyun Park, Rajib Rahman, Gerhard Klimeck


  • Can a single impurity donor wavefunction(wf) be experimentally mapped?


  • Indirectly probe wfs by measuring anisotropic hyperfine (AHF) tensor components.
  • Use Si-29 as a single probe atom or a sample of probe atoms
  • Calculate donor wfs in realistic geometries and electric fields
  • Propose experiment: Distort wf by electric fields and interfaces
    => distort AHF
    => measure AHF based on lattice symmetries
    => map the wavefunction


  • Demonstrated numerical stability of AHF calculation through semi-analytic comparison (toy wavefunctions)
  • Demonstrated distortion of tight binding wavefunctions and toy wfs of different symmetries produce signature AHF maps.
  • Preparing a full journal publications

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