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December 2012: Ignacio successfully defended his PhD work and submitted his thesis. He is done and headed to Lawrence Livermore National Lab.


December 11, 2012: Gaspar successfully defended by PhD thesis. He will be taking up a full time position as the Cybersecurity Engineer at the NSF center called NEEScomm at Purdue. He had been working on this project as a graduate student for the last 3 years of his PhD.


December 6, 2012: Saurabh has been selected as an IMPACT Faculty Fellow for 2013. IMPACT is a program at Purdue which seeks to change the learning culture on the West Lafayette campus to become more student-centered. Saurabh is the only ECE faculty chosen for this program in this round.


November 15, 2012: The thesis materials of the PhD alums from DCSL have all been put online. They can be found from the "Alums" section of the "People" page.


November 8, 2012: Saurabh Bagchi gave a presentation at USC-ISI in Marina Del Rey, CA in the Computational Sciences Division on debugging in large-scale systems. The presentation file is here.


September, 2012: Tanzima's paper at Supercomputing is nominated for the best student paper award. Hers is one of 8 papers nominated for this award and the award will be announced at the Supercomputing conference in Salt Lake City Nov 10-16. Her paper titled "mcrEngine: A Scalable Checkpointing System using Data-Aware Aggregation and Compression" is the most scalable checkpointing solution which can scale to the large scientific computing clusters. The work has been demonstrated at LLNL.


September, 2012: DCSL has 2 students graduate with PhDs - DongHoon Shin and Jin Kyu Koo. DongHoon has started as a post-doctoral researcher with Prof. Junshan Zheng at Arizona State University. Jinkyu has joined Samsung Electronics.


September, 2012: DCSL welcomes three new students - Subrata Mitra, Tsungtai Yeh, and Christopher Gutierrez. Subrata comes to us from Intel and with a MS from University of Florida. He will be working on the problem of root cause determination in distributed applications. Tsungtai comes to us from University of Utah and before that with a Masters from National Tsinghua University in Taiwan. He will be working on the dependability of large-scale applications on scientific clusters. Chris comes with a Masters from California State University and internship experience at Intel. He will be working on the cybersecurity aspects of the Missile Defense Agency project.


August, 2012: DCSL has openings for two Graduate Research Assistants in security-related projects. One of these requires US citizenship. [ pdf ]


June 15, 2012: Our work with LLNL on dependability of large-scale clusters and scientific applications has been featured in the local press and in a Purdue news story. [ Purdue news story ] [ Purdue Exponent ]


May 1, 2012: Lt. Col. Van der Schaaf of the Missile Defense Agency (MDA) felicitated three DCSL members with certificates of appreciation for their work on the MDA end-to-end missile defense simulation work. The students recognized are Matthew Tan Creti, Jevin Sweval, and Paul Wood. [ Group pic ] [ Jevin ] [ Paul ]


Apr 7, 2012: At the CERIAS Symposium 2012, a poster from one of our security projects received recognition during the Annual Poster Competition. The poster for the project "Secure Configuration of Intrusion Detection Sensors for Changing Enterprise Systems" by Gaspar Modelo-Howard, Jevin Sweval, and Saurabh Bagchi earned second place, from fifty-three posters presented at the symposium. The competition recognizes the posters that best reflect the intellect and talent CERIAS fosters within its research and education programs. [ Poster ]


Apr 3, 2012: Saurabh is a panelist for the panel "Mobile Device Security" at the 13th Annual CERIAS Security Symposium at Purdue. Here is the presentation. [ pdf ]


Mar 2012: Ignacio is invited to participate in the 2012 Salishan Conference on High Speed Computing, to be held April 23-26, 2012, at the Salishan Lodge in Gleneden Beach, Oregon. This is organized by the Los Alamos, Sandia and Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories and is an invitation-only conference. The theme for this year is "2015 Petascale Systems: Next Steps".


February 2012: DCSL has three papers accepted to DSN 2012, which will be held in Boston on June 25-28. All three of the papers involve our industrial collaborators. The papers are:

"An Empirical Study of the Robustness of Inter-component Communication in Android," Amiya K. Maji, Fahad A. Arshad, Saurabh Bagchi and Jan S. Rellermeyer (IBM Research, Austin)

"A Study of Soft Error Consequences in Hard Disk Drives," Timothy Tsai (Hitachi GST), Nawanol Theera-Ampornpunt and Saurabh Bagchi

"Automatic Fault Characterization via Abnormality-Enhanced Classification," Greg Bronevetsky (LLNL), Ignacio Laguna, Saurabh Bagchi and Bronis R. de Supinski (LLNL)


February 2012: DongHoon Shin will start as a post-doctoral researcher in Arizona State University in the group headed by Prof. Junshan Zhang. DongHoon has been spending time since summer of 2011 in Intel in Portland on an extended internship working on wireless protocols for future generation wireless standards.


February 2012: Our work at the convergence of mobile computing and enterprise computing, started at IBM Research Austin, is now funded by IBM. The goal of the work is to enable mobile devices in the hands of system administrators to help localize problems quickly in enterprise computing environments. Saurabh is spending part of his Spring semester working with IBM Research colleagues in Austin.

Here are news stories from previous years:
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