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November 30, 2007: Saurabh serves as a panelist at the UIUC Information Trust Institute (ITI) Annual Workshop. He served on the panel titled "Systems". His talk is here.
November 20, 2007: The wireless network designed and developed by DCSL member Rajesh Panta is successfully deployed at Purdue's Ross-Ade Football Stadium and collected data for 3 game days. The sensor nodes collected temperature, sound level, light, and acceleration data while the cameras captured the lines in front of the concession stands. The network was deployed in the north concourse area of the stadium. Some details of the deployement together with pictures are here.
August 20, 2007: DCSL welcomes new PhD student, Tanzima Zerin Islam. She will be working with Professors Bagchi and Eigenmann on fault tolerant execution of applications on grid-like shared distributed environments. Tanzima comes from the Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology with a Bachelors degree in Computer Science. She has won awards at the national and regional levels of the ACM Programming Contest.

July 27, 2007: Hank (Yu-Sung Wu) is Chorafas award finalist.
The Dimitris N. Chorafas Foundation was founded in 1992 at the initiative of Prof. Dimitris N. Chorafas. Each year, the Foundation awards more than 20 universities prizes of $4,000 to stimulate promising young researchers. The criteria for the award are that the research subject must cover one of the areas of Medicine, Family planning, Medical informatics, Nanotechnology, Environmentology, Biotechnology, Risk management, New financial instruments, Information technology, Knowledge technology, Telecommunications, Business administration, Workplaces of the future, Energy, Water treatment, or Healthcare. The candidate’s research should be in an applied area and the research should preferably already be in an advanced stage (third or final year of the PhD graduation track).

Hank was a finalist for this award and for the College of Engineering Best Dissertation award.

July 18, 2007: DCSL is awarded a grant from NSF’s Cybertrust program. The grant is joint with Profs. Zhiyuan Li (Computer Science) and Yung-Hsiang Lu (Electrical and Computer Engineering). The grant titled “Compiler-Enabled Adaptive Security Monitoring on Networked Embedded Systems” for $400,000 will support three students and will last for 3 years. It will develop techniques for compiler inserted checks for security errors in resource constrained embedded systems.
June 28, 2007: Prof. Bagchi is invited to give a talk at the summer meeting of the IFIP Working Group 10.4 on Dependable Computing and Fault Tolerance. It was held near Edinburgh, Scotland. The talk was on the security implications of covert timing channels in networked systems (slides).
June 25, 2007: Prof. Bagchi presented the work on security in sleep-wake aware wireless networks at DSN (Dependable Systems and Networks) held in the Edinburgh International Conference Center (slides). The paper was co-authored with Issa Khalil and Ness Shroff.
June 22, 2007: Both our papers submitted to SRDS have been accepted. The papers were on the Monitor project and dealt with sampling for detection in high throughput streams and evaluation of diagnosis applied to a three-tier e-commerce system. The co-authors are Gunjan Khanna, Ignacio Laguna, Fahad Arshad, and Saurabh Bagchi. The acceptance rate for the conference was 15%. The conference will be held in Beijing Oct 10-12, 2007.
June 11, 2007: The second DCSL PhD student, Gunjan Khanna, defends his PhD final thesis. The thesis is titled “Non Intrusive  Detection and Diagnosis of Failures in High Throughput Distributed Systems”. Gunjan is set to join McKinsey & Company, a management consulting firm. Here are his thesis abstract, thesis, and final presentation slides.

May 1, 2007: DCSL gets involved with e-Stadium
E-Stadium "A Living Lab" is a partnership among ITaP, Purdue's Center for Wireless Systems and Applications (CWSA), and Intercollegiate Athletics. To facilitate real world learning, Purdue has created the concept of the "living laboratory." The living laboratory uses the "city" of Purdue University as a unique environment for experimentation while serving in its traditional role. The goal of e-Stadium is to provide a practical learning experience for Purdue students in the analysis, architecture, design, and application development for wireless networking technologies. As a result, Boilermaker football fans participating in the project will enjoy an enhanced fan experience while at Ross-Ade Stadium.

As part of the project, DCSL-ers Rajesh Panta and Prof. Bagchi are building a hybrid sensor network-image network for sensing different physical parameters at the Ross-Ade Stadium during game day. These would include sound to perform coordinated cheering contests among different parts of the stadium; finding out the length of the line at the concession stands, using image sensors; and determining crowd movement, which may indicate an emergency situation.

Mar. 15, 2007: Our papers are accepted for DSN and HPDC. The DSN paper is on providing security in multi-hop wireless networks that use sleep-wake scheduling and it was one of 24 papers accepted out of a total of 94 submitted to the PDS track. The HPDC paper is on failure-aware checkpointing in non-dedicated storage systems. The acceptance rate at HPDC was 20%. The conferences will be in June in Edinburgh and Monterey Bay , CA respectively.
Mar. 10, 2007: We are starting work on a distributed intrusion detection system for Voice over IP applications under a new contract from Avaya Inc.
Mar. 2, 2007: Prof. Bagchi gave a talk at UT Austin Computer Science on our work on reliability in grid systems. This is joint work with Joanne ( Ren ) and Prof. Rudi ( Eigenmann ). [ Presentation ]
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