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November 2010: We have a new project sponsored by Northrop-Grumman on configuration of intrusion detection sensors for estimating the security state in enterprise distributed systems. The project will support 1 student plus faculty time.


October 2010: There is a new post-doctoral position opening in DCSL for the MDA project (please see news item below). If you are a PhD graduate in Computer Science or Computer Engineering, have a strong research record in computer modeling and cyber security, are a US citizen or a permanent resident, take a look. [Announcement in pdf] [Announcement in html]


October 12, 2010: We have been awarded a 3 year project by the Missile Defense Agency (MDA) of the Department of Defense titled “Agent-based Enhanced C2BMC Architecture”. C2BMC stands for Command and Control, Battle Management, and Communications. The project is aimed at developing architectures for command and control of missile defense systems as part of the Enhanced C2BMC Program of MDA. It involves Dan DeLaurentis of Aeronautics and Astronautics Engineering at Purdue as the PI and Saurabh Bagchi as the co-PI. Here is a news story that Purdue has just done on our grant.


June 2010: Our work on debugging of large-scale parallel programs for nuclear weapon simulation, done with colleagues at Lawrence Livermore National Lab (LLNL), is in the news. [Story 1 (from Purdue)] [Story 2 (ACM Tech News)] [Story 3 (HPC Wire)]


April 2010: Saurabh Bagchi was awarded the Eta Kappa Nu (HKN) “Outstanding Professor Award” for 2010. The award was presented at the Spring Banquet and is given to one faculty member from ECE.


January 6, 2010: We will be featuring "Fireside Research Chats" a section where DCSL researchers will talk in segments of about 5-10 minutes of their latest research. We start this off with Saurabh talking of the research project on diagnosis of failures in parallel applications, in which DCSL researchers Ignacio and Saurabh are partnering with Lawrence Livermore National Lab.

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Here are news stories from previous years:
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