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Our research in the Programmable Structures Lab focuses on the fundamental interaction between geometry, hierarchy and nonlinearity to design structural systems with intrinsic properties enabling adaptation, autonomy and environmental responsiveness.

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PS Lab Welcomes Wabash

Herrick Laboratories welcome Wabash CEO Brent Yeagy and leadership for discussing collaborative research on a tractor-trailer that can harvest electricity from its own vibrations. During the visit, members of the PS Lab demonstrated their work on energy harvesting from bistable lattice, bistable laminates and origami-inspired foldable wings.


Presentations at the APS March Meeting

Members of the Programmable Structures Lab delivered several presentations on topics such as mechanologic, origami-inspired wing design, and bistable metamaterials at the APS March Meeting 2024. Prof. Arrieta delivered an oral presentation titled “Viscoelastic mechano-bits for increased storage”. Clark Addis gave an oral presentation on “Origami-inspired camber design in rigidized membrane-like wings.” Sneha Srikanth presented on “Dynamics of bistable metamaterials under impulsive excitation.”


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