Purdue University School of Mechanical Engineering

Lab Facilities & Equipment

3D Printing Lab

Mark Two

Continuous Composite Filament Printer

Mark X7

High Resolution, Continuous Filament, Industrial Grade Composite Material Printer

Ultimaker 3 Extended

High Resolution FDM Multi-Material Printer


High Resolution SLA Printer


FDM Printer

3D Scanner

Raise3D Pro2

FDM Printer

Ultimaker S5

Large Volume High Precision Dual-Extrusion FDM Printer

Structural Mechanics & Vibrations

Instron Axial Testing Machine

0.5N-5kN load cells, Axial bending test modules, adaptable pneumatic grippers

Digital Image Correlations System

Low Speed: Modal testing, Capability to determine operational deformation shapes

High Speed: 4,000 fps at full 1,280 x 1,280 px resolution and Up to 200,000 fps at 1,280 x 24 px resolution

Electromechanical Shakers

Data Acquisition & Processing

  • DSPace
  • Texas Instruments

Displacement Measurement

  • Class II Laser Sensors

Material Processing & Manufacturing

Fume Hood

Ventilation for working with hazardous materials, including fine powders, with a chemical-resistant work surface

Composite Manufacturing Equipment

Mechanical and magnetic mixers, Thermo Scientific Heratherm Oven (50-250°C), hot plates, vacuum pump, and general chemical lab equipment

Electromechanical Systems Lab

High Voltage Amplifier