Prof. Akira Wada, excutive director, Japan academic network for disaster reduction, delivered a special talk in Bowen Laboratory in Purude University. He is one of Japan's leading experts in structural engineering, with an emphasis on seismic design and vibration mitigation technologies. In the presentation, he presented a summarized version of one of his proposals entitled "Moving toward cities where earthquakes will not cause a grievous disaster". IISL members were invited to this seminar and had exellent time with his talk.

12 October2018

Prof. Shirley Dyke and Ilias Bilionis with the Center for Resilient Infrastructures, Systems, and Processes (CRISP) received seed grant award from College of Engineering center at Purdue University. The title of this research is "Automating Exposure and Probabilistic Vulnerability Quantification for Assets in the Built Environment using Street-View Images".

19 August 2018

Prof. Shirley Dyke taught a short course on Real-time Hybrid Simulation at the Escuela Colombiana de Ingenieria Julio Garavito in Bogota, Colombia on August 13-16, 2018. The focus of the first part of the course was on the essentails of experimental structural dynamics methods. The second part introduced the fundamentals of the RTHS method, components of an RTHS, and how to configure a successful RTHS and design controllers.In the final part she discuss some of the recent developments in this important emerging class of cyber-physical experimentation, and specifically the ways in which it has been used across the US.Several case studies were presented and the new benchmark control problem on RTHS was discussed.

19 August 2018

Francisco Peña received the 2018 Magoon Award for Excellence in Teaching from the College of Engineering. The Magoon award recognizes outstanding teaching assistants and instructors. Francisco was nominated for his outstanding collaboration as TA in CE49800 - Civil Engineering Design (Senior Design)

27 April 2018

Alana Lund as been selected as one of just 100 women across the nation to receive the P.E.O. Scholar Award for the 2018-2019 academic year. Being selected as a P.E.O. Scholar is a prestigious award recognizing scholarly excellence, academic achievement, and aggressive career goals. Alana’s significant contributions toward advancing nonlinear system identification and disaster informatics are enabling new generation of data-based methods to respond to and recover from catastrophic events.

3 April 2018

Prof. Shirely Dyke was a panelist at the Smart and Connected Communities PI Meeting in Kansas City on March 26th, 2018. The panel session was organized by the FHWA/NSF and the topic was Active Infrastructure of the Future.

27 March 2018

Amin Maghareh was recipient of the Spring/Summer 2017 CE Best Dissertation Award with the dissertation entitled Nonlinear Robust Framework for Real-time Hybrid Simulation of Structural Systems: Design, Implementation, and Validation

10 December 2017

The 3nd Midwest Smart Structures Colloquium was held in and around the University of Illinois on October 6 - October 8, 2017. The IISL members enjoyed evening at the country park, introduced ourselves to fellow researchers, shared ideas, and helped to make this year's colloquium successfully. Several members of the IISL were recognized for the quality of their presentations, as listed below.

Alana Lund was awarded 2nd place for the Best Presentation award at the 3rd Midwest Smart Structures Colloquium held in Champaign, Illinois on October 6 -8th 2017.

Honorable Mentions
Amin Maghareh
Christian Silva
Chul Min Yeum
Daniel Gomez
Johnny Condori Uribe
Jongseong 'Brad' Choi

10 October 2017

Chul Min Yeum, PhD in Civil Engineering, delivered a presentation at the 11th IWSHM in Stanford California given on Thursday, Sep 14th, 2017. His talk was entitled Autonomous Visual Inspection for Civil Infrastructure using UAVs. Here is the link for the video demonstration.

30 September 2017

Daniel Gomez, PhD Candidate in Civil Engineering, was awarded a 2017 SURF “Best Mentor” award on August 4th. Daniel advised two undergraduate researchers on independent projects during the 2017 summer. The two projects were titled Hazard Assessment of Meteoroid Impact for the Design of Lunar Habitats by Herta Montoya, and Evaluation of Radiation and Design Criteria for a Lunar Habitat by Hayley Bower. These projects were related to the RETH, Resilient ExtraTerrestrial Habitats, project funded by the Purdue Provost’s Office. 

5 August 2017

Prof. Shirley Dyke delivered a keynote presentation at the 9th ANCRISST in Tokyo Japan. Her talk was entitled Hybrid Cyber-Physical Experimentation for Smart Structures was given on Saturday, July 22nd, 2017.

22 July 2017

Prof. Shirley Dyke was invited to deliver a talk at the Asia-Pacific Program in Smart Structures in Tokyo Japan. Her talk was entitled Real-time Hybrid Simulation to Enable Multi-Hazard Engineering was given on Thursday, July 20th, 2017.

22 July 2017

Prof. Shirley Dyke, Amin Maghareh, Francisco Pena, Johnny Condori , and Alana Lund presented their recent research at the 2017 Engineering Mechanics Institute Conference in San Diego, California on June 4-7. The work presented included the presentations:

Image Localization for Computer-Enhanced Visual Inspection of Civil Infrastructure, authored by S.J. Dyke, C.M. Yeum, and J. Choi

Experimental Evaluation of Targeted Energy Transfer System using Real-Time Hybrid Simulation, authored by A. Maghareh, Christian Silva, and S.J. Dyke

Uncertainty Quantification of Fragility Functions with Limited Data, authored by F. Pena, I. Bilionis, and S.J. Dyke

Experimental Validation of Parallel Real-Time Hybrid Simulation using CyberMech, authored by J. Condori, J. Orr, D. Ferry, A. Maghareh, S. Seilabi, S.J. Dyke, A. Prakash

PLSE Structural Identification and the Value of Systematic Data Processing, authored by A. Lund, S.J. Dyke, G. Ou, and B. Xu

4-7 June 2017

Chul Min Yeum was recognized as the Fall 2016 CE Outstanding Graduate Student. Chul Min graduated in December 2016 with the dissertation entitled Computer Vision-Based Structural Assessment Exploiting Large Volumes of Images

24 January 2017

Prof. Shirley Dyke was invited to deliver a lecture at the PRE-EMPTIVE Workshop in Santiago Chile. Her talk was entitled Cyber-Physical Testing for Examining Protective Devices: …our approach to test design and execution was given on Saturday, January 7th, 2017.

24 January 2017

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