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The Purdue University Intelligent Infrastructure Systems Lab is dedicated to research and education toward improving the ability of structures to resist both natural and man-made hazards. Educational and research efforts are integrated to facilitate advancing the relevant technologies and training the next generation of engineers in their effective use.



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Graduate students from Bowen Laboratory attended the 1st Midwest Smart Structures Technology Colloquium in Grafton, Illinois, held on October 31, 2015. This colloquium provided a unique opportunity for these students to meet and interact with an elite group of peers who are performing research on establishing smart structures capabilities in civil and mechanical engineering. Three Purdue University students were awarded best presentation awards, including: 

2nd place, "Gaby" Ge Ou, Model Updating in Hybrid Simulation,

4th, place, Daniel Gomez, HSI Effects in Bridges,

6th place, Chul Min Yeum, What Does the Image Tell You?.picture


Zhuoxiong "Charlie" Sun, PhD student in the School of Mechanical Engineering, made a research presentations during the 6th International Conference on Advances in Experimental Structural Engineering & 11th International Workshop on Advanced Smart Materials and Smart Structures Technology held jointly at the University of Illinois, August 1-2, 2015. The topic of the presentation was Wireless Structural Control Benchmark Problem


A mini-symposium was held in Bowen lab at Purdue university. Nine vistors from top Chinese research universities and members of the IISL exchanged their latest research findings. picture







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Six Degree of Freedom Shake Table


Allowable motion ranges up to six degrees of freedom, including translation and rotation about the three orthogonal axes.

Cyber-physical Instrument for Real-time hybrid Structural Testing (CIRST)


Real-time hybrid testing combines simulation and physical testing to help in assessing structural integrity in large scale civil infrastructures.

Small-scale Earthquake Simulator


Constructed by Quanser Consulting
Used as the standard shake table of the UCISTconsortium




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Graduate Students: Graduate assistantships (such as teaching assistantship and research assistantship) are available for qualified students for graduate degrees. To be considered students must first apply to the graduate program in the School of Mechanical or Civil Engineering.

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Undergraduate Students: The lab encourages undergraduate students to get involved in research next summer. Qualified undergraduate students will be hosted by the lab or the SURF program