Amin Maghareh was recipient of the Spring/Summer 2017 CE Best Dissertation Award with the dissertation entitled Nonlinear Robust Framework for Real-time Hybrid Simulation of Structural Systems: Design, Implementation, and Validation

10 December 2017

The 3nd Midwest Smart Structures Colloquium was held in and around the University of Illinois on October 6 - October 8, 2017. The IISL members enjoyed evening at the country park, introduced ourselves to fellow researchers, shared ideas, and helped to make this year's colloquium successfully. Several members of the IISL were recognized for the quality of their presentations, as listed below.

Alana Lund was awarded 2nd place for the Best Presentation award at the 3rd Midwest Smart Structures Colloquium held in Champaign, Illinois on October 6 - 8th 2017.

Honorable Mentions
Amin Maghareh
Christian Silva
Chul Min Yeum
Daniel Gomez
Johnny Condori Uribe
Jongseong 'Brad' Choi

img3 img5
Second Place Presenter - Alana Lund IISL and SSTL members at UIUC
img4 img6
Presentation Kunnekuk County Park Tour
img2 img1
Oktoberfest Oktoberfest

10 October 2017

Chul Min Yeum, PhD in Civil Engineering, delivered a presentation at the 11th IWSHM in Stanford California given on Thursday, Sep 14th, 2017. His talk was entitled Autonomous Visual Inspection for Civil Infrastructure using UAVs. Here is the link for the video demonstration.

30 September 2017

Daniel Gomez, PhD Candidate in Civil Engineering, was awarded a 2017 SURF “Best Mentor” award on August 4th. Daniel advised two undergraduate researchers on independent projects during the 2017 summer. The two projects were titled Hazard Assessment of Meteoroid Impact for the Design of Lunar Habitats by Herta Montoya, and Evaluation of Radiation and Design Criteria for a Lunar Habitat by Hayley Bower. These projects were related to the RETH, Resilient ExtraTerrestrial Habitats, project funded by the Purdue Provost’s Office. 

5 August 2017

Prof. Shirley Dyke delivered a keynote presentation at the 9th ANCRISST in Tokyo Japan. Her talk was entitled Hybrid Cyber-Physical Experimentation for Smart Structures was given on Saturday, July 22nd, 2017.

22 July 2017

Prof. Shirley Dyke was invited to deliver a talk at the Asia-Pacific Program in Smart Structures in Tokyo Japan. Her talk was entitled Real-time Hybrid Simulation to Enable Multi-Hazard Engineering was given on Thursday, July 20th, 2017.

22 July 2017

Prof. Shirley Dyke, Amin Maghareh, Francisco Pena, Johnny Condori , and Alana Lund presented their recent research at the 2017 Engineering Mechanics Institute Conference in San Diego, California on June 4-7. The work presented included the presentations:

Image Localization for Computer-Enhanced Visual Inspection of Civil Infrastructure, authored by S.J. Dyke, C.M. Yeum, and J. Choi

Experimental Evaluation of Targeted Energy Transfer System using Real-Time Hybrid Simulation, authored by A. Maghareh, Christian Silva, and S.J. Dyke

Uncertainty Quantification of Fragility Functions with Limited Data, authored by F. Pena, I. Bilionis, and S.J. Dyke

Experimental Validation of Parallel Real-Time Hybrid Simulation using CyberMech, authored by J. Condori, J. Orr, D. Ferry, A. Maghareh, S. Seilabi, S.J. Dyke, A. Prakash

PLSE Structural Identification and the Value of Systematic Data Processing, authored by A. Lund, S.J. Dyke, G. Ou, and B. Xu

4-7 June 2017

Chul Min Yeum was recognized as the Fall 2016 CE Outstanding Graduate Student. Chul Min graduated in December 2016 with the dissertation entitled Computer Vision-Based Structural Assessment Exploiting Large Volumes of Images

24 January 2017

Prof. Shirley Dyke was invited to deliver a lecture at the PRE-EMPTIVE Workshop in Santiago Chile. Her talk was entitled Cyber-Physical Testing for Examining Protective Devices: …our approach to test design and execution was given on Saturday, January 7th, 2017.

24 January 2017

Daniel Gomez and Prof. Shirley Dyke presented papers at the 16th World Conference on Earthquake Engineering in Santiago Chile January 9-13, 2017. The papers were:
Hybrid Simulation: Empowering Earthquake Engineering Experimentation, authored by D. Gomez, S.J. Dyke and A. Maghareh
Structured Annotation of Semantic Contents on Earthquake Reconnaissance Images, authored by C.M. Yeum, S.J. Dyke, J. Ramirez, T. Hacker, S. Pujol, and C. Sim

24 January 2017

Amin Maghareh was invited to deliver a seminar at the University of Illinois on Tuesday, January 24th. The title of his seminar was Nonlinear Robust Framework for Real-time Hybrid Simulation of Structural Systems: Design, Implementation, and Validation

24 January 2017

Along with other Purdue Faculty members, Dr. Dyke helped host members of the Federal Highway Administration and the Indiana Department of Transportation at their visit to Purdue. After a brief presentation on the research conducted at the Intelligent Infrastructure Systems Laboratory, Dr. Dyke and Alana Wilbee led the visitors on a tour of the Bowen Laboratory.

Alana Explains some Recent Student Projects Dr. Dyke Highlights the Utility of the Strong Wall in the
Development of Vision-Based Measurement Tools

2 December 2016

The IISL hosted the 2nd Midwest Smart Structures Colloquium at Purdue University on September 30 - October 2. The group was pleased to welcome Dr. Chung-Bang Yun as the Keynote Speaker. In addition to learning from his lecture, participants from the IISL and SSTL shared their research in seminar sessions and socialized at various group activities.

Several members of the IISL were recognized for the quality of their presentations, as listed below.

Daniel Gomez - First Place
Chul Min Yeum - Third Place
Amin Maghareh - Honorable Mention
Francisco Pena - Honorable Mention
Christian Silva - Honorable Mention
Alana Wilbee - Honorable Mention

First Place Presenter Third Place Presenter
Honorable Mentions IISL and SSTL Members in Front of Hovde Hall
Group Dinner Bowling Night

5 November 2016

Ghazi Binarandi was invited to give a talk at the Institution of Civil Engineers Technical Meeting on Thursday, 29 September 2016. His talk was entitled Novel Sensing Technologies in Civil Engineering and focused on developments in sensing, data acquisition, and data processing that can be applied to enrich the field of structural health monitoring. Ghazi is a recent Masters graduate of the IISL.

5 October 2016

The 2016 Asia-Pacific-Euro Summer School on Smart Structures Technology is a three-week programme of coursework, lectures, laboratory exercises and non-academic activities, where participants learn about smart structures technologies and their application. This year, the APESS was held at Cambridge University from June 24th-July 13th, 2016. 

Alana Wilbee and Ghazi Binarandi had the opportunity to travel to the U.K. to participate in the summer school. Alana’s team won the SHM competition held as part of the summer school. Ghazi served as the leader of his team. 

Prof. Shirley Dyke was invited to lecture at the summer school. Her talk was entitled: Real-time Hybrid Simulation: Design and Execution, given on Friday, 1st July 2016 

15 July 2016

The International Conference on Smart Infrastructure and Construction was held from June 27-30, 2016. Hosted by the Cambridge Center for Smart Infrastructure and Construction, the conference brought together researchers from the fields of asset management, resilient infrastructure planning, and structural health monitoring to discuss the value of smart infrastructure to society.

At this conference, Prof. Shirley Dyke presented the paper, Big Visual Data Analytics for Damage Classification in Civil Engineering. Alana Wilbee presented a poster on the paper, Quantifying Recovery for Structures Incorporating Control. Both papers were published in the proceedings of the ICSIC.

The 12th International Workshop on Advanced Smart Materials and Smart Structures Technology (12ANCRiSST) was held in conjunction with the ICSIC. Presenters reported their advances in the fields of structural control, structural health monitoring, and smart materials for sensors and actuators. At the workshop, Ghazi Binarandi presented his work on the Development of a Neural Network Wireless Correction Function.

30 June 2016

Chul Min Yeum (PhD Candidate) and Professor Shirley J Dyke have been awarded the 2015 Hojjat Adeli Award for Innovation in Computing.  This award is in recognition for the manuscript authors by them and entitled "Vision based Automated Crack Detection for Bridge Inspection” published in the top-ranked journal Computer-Aided Civil and Infrastructure Engineering in May 2015. 

See: DOI: 10.1111/mice.12141

2 May 2016

Francisco Pena is a recipient of the 2015 SE Solutions Scholarship, awarded by the School of Civil Engineering, for a Master’s student for his considerable service to the school and university, including mentoring for the seismic design competition and minority outreach events, and support for his peers inside and outside of the classroom.

Christian Silva is a recipient of the 2016 Magoon Award for Excellence in Teaching, awarded by the College of Engineering. This award is presented for his dedication to outstanding classroom teaching, and exceptional interactions with undergraduate students. 

Gaby Ou is the recipient of the 2016 Outstanding Graduate Student Research Award in Civil Engineering, awarded by the College of Engineering. This award is given to a student approaching graduation for research accomplishments in terms of journal publications, presentations, service to the school, and overall contributions to the field. 

22 March 2016

Graduate students from Bowen Laboratory attended the 1st Midwest Smart Structures Technology Colloquium in Grafton, Illinois, held on October 31, 2015. This colloquium provided a unique opportunity for these students to meet and interact with an elite group of peers who are performing research on establishing smart structures capabilities in civil and mechanical engineering. Three Purdue University students were awarded best presentation awards, including: 

2nd place, "Gaby" Ge Ou, Model Updating in Hybrid Simulation

4th, place, Daniel Gomez, Human-Structure Interaction Effects in Bridges

6th place, Chul Min Yeum, What Does the Image Tell You?

1 November 2015

Zhuoxiong "Charlie" Sun, PhD student in the School of Mechanical Engineering, made a research presentations during the 6th International Conference on Advances in Experimental Structural Engineering & 11th International Workshop on Advanced Smart Materials and Smart Structures Technology held jointly at the University of Illinois, August 1-2, 2015. The topic of the presentation was Wireless Structural Control Benchmark Problem

2 August 2015

Several graduate students from the Lyles School of Civil Engineering made presentations on their research during the 6th International Conference on Advances in Experimental Structural Engineering & 11th International Workshop on Advanced Smart Materials and Smart Structures Technology held jointly at the University of Illinois, August 1-2, 2015. The titles of the presentations are: 

RTHS with Concurrent Model Updating on A 
Distributed Platform, presented by Ge (Gaby) Ou 

Fragility Analysis of Structures incorporating 
Control Systems, presented by Alana Wilbee

Damped Hysteretic Resistance Identification 
of Bouc-Wen Model using Data-based 
Model-free Nonlinear Approach, presented by Seungwook Seok 

Effective Viscous Damping Ratio in Seismic 
Response of Reinforced Concrete Structures, presented by Pedram Khajeh Hesameddin 

Development and Evaluation of a Geographically 
Distributed Real-time Hybrid Simulation Platform, presented by Ali I. Ozdagli

Development of Adaptive Multi-rate Interface 
for Real-time Hybrid Simulation, presented by Amin Maghareh 

2 August 2015

A mini-symposium was held in Bowen lab at Purdue university. Nine vistors from top Chinese research universities and members of the IISL exchanged their latest research findings.

26 May 2015

Prof. Bin Xu published two conference papers: "Cracking Monitoring of RC Joints under Cyclic Loadings Based on Wavelet Packet Analysis on Embedded PZT Measurements" and "Icing Monitoring for a Wind Turbine Model Blade with Active PZT Technology" at the proceedings of the 14th ASCE International Conference on Engineering, Science, Construction and Operations.

27 October 2014

Ali Imrak Ozdagli and Amin Maghareh won the 2013 NEES Simulation Competition in Reno, USA. The model can be found here.

1 August 2013

Amin Maghareh gave presentation in the 11th International Conference on Structural Safety & Reliability, ICOSSAR 2013. His presenetation was entitled, “Investigation of the effect of Transfer System Delay on Multi-degree of Freedom Real-time Hybrid Simulation.“

17 June 2013

Amin Maghareh gave presentation in the International Conference on Computing, Networking, and Communications, ICNC 2013. His presenetation was entitled, “Investigation of Uncertainties Associated with Actuation Modeling Error and Sensor Noise on Real-Time Hybrid Simulation Performance.“

28 January 2013

Xiuyu Gao successfully defended his PhD. The title of his dissertation is "Development of a Robust Framework for Real-Time Hybrid Simulation: From Dynamical System, Motion Control to Experimental Error Verification."

10 December 2012

Nestor E. Castaneda Aguilar successfully defended his PhD. The title of his dissertation is "Development and Validation of a Real-Time Computational Framework for Hybrid Simulation of Dynamically-Excited Steel Frame Structures".

10 December 2012

Tony Friedman successfully defended his PhD. The title of his dissertation is "Development and Experimental Validation of a New Control Strategy Considering Device Dynamics for Large-Scale MR Dampers using Real-Time Hybrid Simulatio."

20 November 2012

Ali Irmak Ozdagli gave presentation during the 15th World Conference on Earthquake Engineering, held September 24-28, 2012, in Lisbon, Portugal. His presentation was entitled “Verification of Real-Time Hybrid Simulation with Shake Table Tests”

24 September 2012

Prof. Shirley Dyke participated in the 2nd Workshop on China-US Collaboration for Disaster Evolution/Resilience of Civil Infrastructure and Urban Environment

Her plenary lecture was entitled "Emerging Opportunities in Real-time and Distributed Hybrid Simulation"

9 December 2011

Xiuyu Gao and Ali Irmak Ozdagli gave presentations during the Advances in Real-Time Hybrid Simulation workshop, held October 10-11, 2011, at the Lehigh Network for Earthquake Engineering Simulation (NEES) facility.

Xiuyu's presentation was entitled “Real Time Hybrid Testing from System, Control to Experimental Error"

Ali's presentation was entitled "Control-oriented System Identification of a Large Frame for RTHS”

10 October 2011

On Friday September 2nd we will be holding an Open House for the IISL Laboratory.

The event will be held at the Bowen Laboratory (see address below) from 3:00-6:00pm. It will include live demos geared towards learning what happens during an earthquake and how to test buildings to destruction!

Refreshments will be available. Please, no shorts or open toed shoes.

1040 South River Road West
Lafayette, IN 47907

2 September 2011

Xiuyu Gao and Wei Song presented papers "Application of pseudospectral method in stochastic optimal control of nonlinear structural systems" and "Experimental Validation of a Scaled Instrument for Real-time Hybrid Testing" respectively at the 2011 American Control Conference in San Francisco, CA.

29 June 2011

Gaby (Ge) Ou participated in holding the NEEShub Bootcamp webinar on   Friday, February 4th. She made a presentation focusing on how to upload data and use the collaborative tools within the NEEShub.

9 February 2011

Sriram Krishnan and Charlie (Zhuxiong) Sun participated in the recent Workshop on Cyber-Physical Co-Design of Wireless Monitoring and Control for Civil Infrastructure, held at the University of Illinois Seibel Center from February 17-18th. They each made presentations entitled Evaluating the Performance of Distributed Approaches (Krishnan) and for Modal Identification Review of Recent Smart Sensor Research for SHM using the Truss in the SSTL (Sun).

9 February 2011

Nestor Castaneda recently was awarded a SIRG fellowship from Purdue University's Cybercenter to partially support his education this year.

9 February 2011

Sriram Krishnan presented a paper entitled "Validation of a Multi-level Damage Detection Approach Using a Full Scale Highway Truss," at the SPIE Smart Structures and Nondestructive Evaluation Symposium, San Diego, California, March 15-18, 2011

20 March 2011