Requirements for Summer SURF Participants

In order to successfully complete the SURF program AND receive the full summer stipend, each participant must fulfill the program requirements. Throughout the summer, each student's participation will be evaluated for continuation in the program.

As a participant in the 2014 SURF program you are required to:

  • Commit yourself to the research project and establish a weekly lab schedule with your faculty mentor to conduct research approximately 40 hours a week during the 11-week program period (Students may not take classes and vacations while participating in the program.)
  • Attend the SURF orientation, required meetings and events, and at least 4 research seminars
  • Be on time to scheduled events and actively participate
  • Plan ahead and make arrangements with your professor or graduate mentor to be excused from the laboratory to attend SURF meetings and seminars
  • Complete all assignments on time
  • Complete the online research modules as required (5 Research Modules, RCR modules)
  • Write a problem statement and research abstract (post final version to Purdue's e-Pubs)
  • Write a research project report by the end of the program
  • Present your research and participate in the SURF Research Symposium (Week 11)

You are expected to:

  • Take a proactive approach to your work and use this opportunity to develop your research skills
  • Develop good relationships with your research mentors (both faculty member and graduate student) and peers
  • Participate in the SURF 2014 program assessment
  • Communicate to your faculty member and the SURF office any changes to your participation status during the program
  • Ask questions and seek assistance in the lab, and from the SURF program and Purdue University to meet your educational and professional goals
  • Take advantage of all resources available to you, e.g., libraries, computer labs, professors, graduate students, staff, SURF students